Winter Weather Outlook: Persimmon Seeds And Snow Folklore

October 26 2022

As our region transitions through the peak foliage of Autumn, not only are leaves falling but Fall fruits, vegetables, and seeds are plentiful. The harvest has long been part of Winter Weather Folklore for farmers looking ahead to the next season. See, we are not the only ones. However, they often wanted to prepare for survival, while if you are like me today we just want to see signs of hope for plenty of snow ahead.

What is a Persimmon:

A persimmon is a small orange fruit, roughly the size of a plum, and related to that fruit. They are native to China, found in Japan and across parts of the United States, even in the Mid Atlantic.

They are plentiful in October and November, and often used in recipes for spiced bread. Most are grown in California, but we are on the edge of the viable climate for them to survive.

So if you are lucky enough to have one on your property, perhaps you are aware of the following folklore. If not, find a local farmer’s market with locally grown permissions and try this at home…

Persimmon Seeds And Snow

He is believed that cutting open the seeds and looking for specific symbols can foretell the snow for winter ahead. He is believed this idea originated in the Ozarks of Arkansas. Here is how it goes:

Cut open the seed from a persimmon, and the inside will have a shape like silverware.

If it looks like

  • a knife, winter will be cold, cutting, and icy.
  • a spoon represents lots of snow to shovel.
  • a fork means a mild winter.

Local Look: Spoon For Snow?

In Woodbine, MD Justin Ritthaler shared with this me. He mentioned that he sees a spoon and I see it too. So if we follow the folklore, this suggests central Maryland is in store for plentiful snow this winter.

Missouri Department of Conservation Endorsed

I had to do some digging for this, but I found our friends in the MidWest really believe this.

For what it is worth, I base my predictions on more practical science suck as the Triple Dip La Niña wee are in, and share many of the factors with you. I also find it entertaining to explore all the other methods people have used over the years. At some point perhaps we will find the right balance of all have full confidence ahead.

Here’s a look at The Woolly Bear Caterpillar. I will follow up with a full list of Winter Weather Folklore shortly.

Winter Weather Outlook From The Wooly Bear Caterpillar

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