Why MBFFL Fans Are Grossed Out By Whitney’s Behavior

Whitney isn’t afraid to be her true and authentic self when the cameras are rolling. However, fans are less than impressed with her sense of humor.

Whitney Way Thore has done some questionable and controversial things on it My Big Fat Fabulous Life. From the way she treats her friends to how she speaks to her mother, MBFFL Fans are displeased by Whitney’s cringe behaviour. Recently, the reality star gave fans a whole new reason to criticize her.

Prior to starring in My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney had a lot of eyes on her when she uploaded her dance videos to YouTube. She gained an impressive fan base and quickly became comfortable living her life in the spotlight. Now fans are starting to wonder if it’s becoming too comfortable, forgetting that not everything should be made with public knowledge. Sensitive_Target6602 started a thread on Reddit writing, “The pee incident (or should I say ONE of the pee incidents.) This woman is beyond foul.” The Redditor further explained Whitney admitted to her good friend Buddy Bell on MBFFL that she sneezed so hard that she completely lost control and peed herself by describing it as a “floodand afterward she had to take a shower. Newauntie26 commented on the thread, “Who would admit that on tv? Or what woman would tell a male friend that story? I think it’d be embarrassing enough to tell a female friend but at least they have the same anatomy and could possibly understand.”


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Fans Are Tired Of Whitney Thore’s Bizarre Attention-Seeking Behavior

Whitney Thore wearing a gray sweater and looking at someone's direction in My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Many My Big Fat Fabulous Life Fans find it strange that Whitney would say something like that on television. They are even more disturbed by the fact that Whitney willingly shares her personal life on MBFFL without boundaries and seems so desperate for attention. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Whitney has found humor in her incontinence issues, but the problem is no one else seems to be laughing. Final-Cartoonist-645 commented on the thread, “I’ve been re-watching the series, and she pees everywhere. In hot tubs. In pools. In lakes. And she announces it to everyone!”

Whitney has inspired fans to live life on their terms instead of living in fear of others’ negative attitudes and judgments. She has used her platform on it My Big Fat Fabulous Life to spread awareness about the importance of size inclusivity in the entertainment industry. In addition, she has made it her mission to prove that larger women are fully capable of doing anything they set their minds to. While Whitney has helped defy the stereotypes on MBFFL As well as following her own dreams, fans are fed up with her immature and disgusting behavior. Redditor whiskey4mycoffee commented on the thread in response, “She is GROSS! I gagged when she blatantly peed in the hot tub and her friends got any way. WTH?”

The My Big Fat Fabulous star certainly stirred up controversy with her odd behavior, but others felt there was a simple explanation due to Whitney’s health-related issues. Another Redditor hhkhkhkhk commented on the thread writing, “IMHO, her pee issues speak of something larger at play. She’s lazy, yeah, but she also probably has a hard time controlling her bladder, so she just lets it loose when she has a chance.” Whether it is completely out of Whitney’s control or not, fans feel that she should have enough self-respect to not tell everyone. Beyond this, fans continue to judge Whitney because she doesn’t seem to make much effort to change her habits or her lifestyle. Hopefully, the reality star will recognize the impact her actions are having on her long-term health and start taking it more seriously.

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