Why Brendan Fraser Refuses to Refer to His Prosthetics as a ‘Fat Suit’

Actor Brendan Fraser insists he is unwilling to call the prosthetics he wore for his acclaimed lead role in The Whale a “fat suit.”

As he continues to receive an Oscar buzz for his leading role in The whaleBrendan Fraser refuses to label the prosthetics he wore for the film a “fat suit” to preserve the legitimacy of his character.

In a sitdown with Deadline, Fraser addressed the design of his character Charlie, a 600-pound English teacher, and the work that went into it, saying that it “obeyed the laws of physics and gravity.” The Mummy The film franchise actor said past instances of prosthetics used to emulate an obese character have been played for laughs, something he didn’t want when portraying Charlie. Putting an actor in a costume and apparatus to emulate weight gain for the character he has, in years, cut the corner on authenticity. It’s normally the silhouette of a costume that’s worn by a fairly athletic actor and it’s in service of a cheap joke or to vilify a character,” he said. When the interviewer brought up that the costume is normally branded a “fat suit,” Fraser responded, “You’ll never hear me say that.”

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Fraser later spoke to the sensitivity with which he handled playing Charlie in The whale, saying he treated the role with “skill, care and preparation,” while citing his good relationship with the Obesity Action Coalition. By collaborating with the advocacy group, he further understood the bias against obese people and said people need to change their views on the subject. “It’s evident to me that the way that we speak about one another with regard to obesity has to change because it’s the last domain of accepted bigotry and prejudice,” he said. “It’s time to retire that, so long as we’re doing so much and making such good progress in so many areas of our culture that I think that it is hopefully the last one we can tick off the box.”

Fraser’s commitment to putting emotional depth and care into his character has won him several plaudits with his portrayal of Charlie to the point he’s considered a favorite to win Best Actor at the 95th Academy Awards in March. It’s a role that was once considered for late-night talk show host and comedian James Corden. However, Fraser’s performance in the movie won him significant praise, including a viral standing ovation during The whale‘s premiere at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, which brought the actor to tears.

In The whaleFraser’s Charlie, a reclusive English teacher, is desperate to reconnect with his estranged daughter Ellie, whom he has not seen in eight years. He teaches online courses but is afraid to show himself on camera because of his looks and is cared for by a nurse who fears he could suffer from congestive heart failure. His weight gain came from the pain he felt following the death of his lover by suicide, causing him to binge-eat regularly. Ellie is played by StrangerThings Actor Sadie Sink who, despite admitting she never knew who Fraser was before they shot the movie, also praised the actor for his work in the role.

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Released in the US on Dec. 9, 2022, The whale alsofeatures Jurassic World star Ty Simpkins, Hong Chau and Academy Award-nominated actor Samantha Morton. Directed by Black Swan helmer Darren Aronofsky, The whale He has garnered several award nominations, including a Best Actor Golden Globe nomination for Fraser. Despite the honor, Fraser previously declared he won’t attend the 2023 Golden Globe Awards due to his sexual assault allegation against former Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HPFA) president Philip Berk.

The whale He is currently playing in theatres.

Source: Deadline

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