What MycoTechnology’s Novel Food approval means for alt dairy

Colorado-based MycoTechnology wrapped 2022 with major distribution announcements and ambitions for growth and commercial expansion during the new year. At the start of 2023, the company announced it has overcome the final hurdle to enter the European market with FermentIQ, its fermented plant-based protein, which has now received Novel Food approval by the European Food Safety Authority.

The development means that all three formats of FermentIQ – milled, protein powder and texturized protein – are now commercially available in Europe through the company or its distributor, Brenntag.

This is significant, because the ingredient has been said to use a multi-pronged approach to solving some of alt dairy’s major issues, including masking off-notes, improving textures and boosting digestibility and protein content – all through a single product.

FermentIQ is formulated with a pea and rice blend that’s fermented by shiitake mushroom mycelia in a proprietary process. All essential amino acids are represented during the process, making this a complete protein.

The final solution is said to be superior to unfermented proteins in both functionality and protein quality – MycoTechnology claims FermentIQ is two and a half times more soluble than unfermented pea and rice blends, twice as soluble as pea protein, and more than eight times as soluble as rice protein. The mycelial fermentation also improves the digestibility of the protein, allowing for both clean-label and high-protein label claims.


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