What is the BRAT diet, and should adults follow it?

Whether for weight loss, constipation, or diabetes, there is a diet — usually long-term — for every ailment or condition. As such, did you know about the short-term diet that is often recommended to children who have an upset stomach, or stomach flu? Worry not if you don’t, as that’s why we are here — to tell you all about the BRAT diet, which stands for bananasrice, applesauce, and toast.

Basically, this diet includes easy consumption Digestive, low fiber foods. The BRAT diet can be quite gentle on the stomach since the foods included in this diet are low in fats and proteins and don’t put a toll on the stomach. The low starch leads to firm stools instead of runny ones. Since the foods included in this diet are bland, they reduce nausea making you feel better,” Vidhi Chawla, dietician and founder of the Fisico Diet Clinic, said.

Agreeing, Dr Archana Batra, nutritionist and certified diabetes educator, added that while the BRAT diet won’t treat the underlying issue that’s causing your diarrhea or upset stomach, it can help manage the symptoms without triggering more symptoms or irritating your stomach. stomach. “The BRAT diet has been shown to lessen the tendency of nausea due to their extreme blandness and simplicity,” she told indianexpress.com.

The BRAT diet can also be modified by adding other bland foods like crackers, oatmeal, broths, etc. Probiotics, like yogurt, can also help relieve diarrhea symptoms. Foods like boiled potatoesSteamed or boiled carrots, soft melons, bone broth, apple juice, coconut water, etc. are also recommended.

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Can adults also follow this diet?

The BRAT diet can be followed by adults when suffering from vomiting and diarrhea, but according to Chawla, this diet should not be followed for the long term since it lacks vitamins and other nutrients. One needs to return to a normal diet to avoid it malnutrition,” she told indianexpress.com.

Notably, the BRAT diet is “no longer recommended for children who have diarrhea,” according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is because the diet emphasizes foods low in essential nutrients required for recovery, such as fiber and protein. However, compared to not eating at all, the BRAT diet is probably preferable for both adults and children. Simply put, it isn’t a sustainable solution. You should attempt to return to your regular diet as soon as you can, even if your diarrhea is still present, to avoid it malnutritionDr. Batra told indianexpress.com.

She further stressed that the BRAT diet can only be helpful as a short-term fix for a day or two but it shouldn’t be followed regularly to lose weight or treat conditions like diverticulitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, or irritable bowel syndrome. “Vital nutrients like calcium, vitamin B12protein, and fiber are missing from the BRAT diet,” Dr. Batra added.

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