What Did India Eat In 2022? Swiggy Trends Reveal Most-Ordered Dishes This Year

The outgoing year was a back-to-normal one, after two years of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. Swiggy said that old and new trends in food, grocery, and delivery errands emerged in 2022.

Swiggy recently revealed that biryani was the most loved dish in 2022 with a record of 2.28 orders delivered per second. The outgoing year was a back-to-normal one, after two years of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

Swiggy said that old and new trends in food, grocery, and errands delivery emerged in 2022. Users switched to Swiggy Instamart for quick delivery of everything from chai, pani, (double) roti, and sabzi, to quirky searches for sofas and beds.

While speaking of food choices, other than biryani, people also explored foreign flavours, with ravioli (Italian) and bibimbap (Korean) emerging popular choices.

“Looks like yeh saath hum nahin chodenge!!” Users made biryani the most ordered dish on Swiggy for the seventeenth year running, the food delivery platform said. Around 137 biryanis were ordered per minute — 2.28 biryanis per second.

According to Swiggy trends, the tikona yummies, samosa became the most binged snack in the outgoing year. “Nashta+Tiffin+Chai Time was made special with Samosa taking the pole position,” Swiggy said, adding that “over 40 lakh crispy tikona yumminess were ordered and devoured”.

Pav bhaji, French fries, garlic breadsticks, hot wings, tacos, classic stuffed garlic mread, bucket mingles were the other choices among the top 10 most ordered snacks from Swiggy.

For late-night cravings, popcorns came to rescue with over 22 lakh orders placed on the food delivery app. A majority of these orders were placed post-10 pm, Swiggy said in the report.

Next comes the dessert, for which people chose to stick to the authentic taste of India — Gulab Jamun. Swiggy said that it was ordered 27 lakh times in the year. Rasmalai was the second favorite dessert with 16 lakh orders and Choco Lava Cake was ordered 10 lakh times, being the third most preferred choice.

According to Swiggy, Italian pasta, pizza, Mexican bowl, spicy ramen and sushi were the most ordered ‘Videshi’ dishes, while chicken biryani, masala dosa, chicken fried rice, paneer butter masala, butter naan, veg fried rice, veg biryani, and tandoori chicken were among the top “desi” flavors that were devoured in 2022.

The food delivery app said that “the vegetable market came home pronto with Swiggy Instamart. Onions, potatoes, tomatoes, watermelons, bananas and tender coconut were the most ordered fruits and vegetables.” Healthy eaters chose Swiggy Instamart to order vegetables and fruits.

Over 50 lakh kilograms of organic fruits and vegetables were sold on the platform. Maximum orders were placed from Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune. People chose the platform to order exotic fruits such as Dragon Fruit, Pomelo, Berries, and Wood Apple with over 17 lakh kilograms ordered in 2022.

Bengaluru emerged the top city that saved the most with Swiggy One. Members from Bengaluru saved over Rs 100 crore, making most of the benefits. Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi were next in the row.

In a statement Swiggy said, “85 percent of Swiggy One users used more than one service from Swiggy. Members saved the most with free deliveries. Members across India enjoyed free deliveries worth tens of crores.” One member from Delhi alone saved the highest of Rs 2.48 lakh.

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