We want to fill the supply gap that has developed in the convenience product area.

For 25 years now, Ali Celik has been involved in the trade of fresh fruit and vegetables at the Vienna wholesale market. For a few months now, his company has been based at the new, approximately 1,200 m2 location at the Frischezentrum. New to the wholesaler’s portfolio are proprietary freshcut products for regional gastronomers and community catering. Thanks to state-of-the-art processing technology, up to 6 tons of ready-to-cook products can now be processed per week, Celik says.

Through experienced supplier Franz Führer (m), Ali Celik (l) has purchased equipment from the well-known Kronen, Feuma, Zummo and Boss Vakuum companies.

Thanks to his long career in the fruit and vegetable industry, Celik can draw on goods from all major growing countries, whether Turkey, the Netherlands or domestic, he says. “These raw goods are processed into sticks, cubes and such, depending on customer requirements. In view of the precarious shortage of personnel in the catering trade, this additional service is becoming increasingly important. It saves restaurateurs a lot of effort in the kitchen and , ultimately, labor costs.”

The production line

Almost the entire range of products offered as boxed goods in classic stand sales is also available in cut form, Celik continues. “Loose vegetables, onions and carrots are, of course, in constant demand. But ready-to-cook herbs, such as chives, are also well received by the modern gastronome. Vegetables still predominate, but we are also striving to expand our range of fruit products, for example with ready-to-eat fruit salads,” says the wholesaler, who also acts as committee chairman for agricultural trade for the WKO at the local wholesale market.

Front view of the company headquarters at the wholesale market in Vienna

Supply gap in the convenience sector
Despite the high demand, the competition in the convenience sector, especially in the greater Vienna area, is relatively manageable, Celik says. “There’s a six-figure investment behind this facility, which a new entrepreneur generally can’t afford. The suppliers that were there have now left the wholesale market and Vitana (a subsidiary of the efko Group) is located south of Vienna, which is of course also advantageous for us.Our goal is to fill the resulting supply gap around convenience products in the city of Vienna.”

Images: Ali Celik KG / Handelsagentur Führer

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