Veganuary 2023: The new vegan products to know, from Burger King to Greggs

One person has signed up for Veganuary 2023 every 2.4 seconds so far this year and if you’re considering taking the plant-based pledge, there’s plenty to get excited about.

For the uninitiated, the annual challenges encourage meat-eaters to adopt a vegan lifestyle throughout the month of January. From boosting your health after a particularly busy (read: boozy) festive season to reducing animal suffering and helping the environment, there are myriad benefits to joining the swathes of vegan foodies for January.

While just a few years ago, finding plant-based alternatives could be as much of a feat as the challenge itself, it’s now easier than ever to buy nutritious and delicious vegan-friendly foods that rival the real-deal. From sausages and fish to juicy steaks, milk and dairy substitutes or chocolate and ice cream, retailers have expanded their vegan offerings to meet growing demand.

Last year alone, we saw Krispy Kreme launch all-new vegan donuts and Aldi announced pocket-friendly vegan cheese, meanwhile, Burger King began selling a plant-based version of its chicken nuggets and Subway released a “chicken” tikka sandwhich that was just as flavoursome as the real deal.

For 2023, both supermarkets and brands have upped the ante by launching a roster of plant-based treats, from Wagamama’s “chicken” noodle dish to a Domino’s American hot pizza and new M&S Plant Kitchen goodies. In short, you’re spoiled for choice if participating in Veganuary 2023 (or beyond). Don’t believe us? We’ve gathered up all the latest launches on offer below.

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Budget supermarket Aldi’s vegan offering gets bigger and better every year. For 2023, it’s launched its best range yet for Veganuary, with prices starting from just 99p. Falling under the retailer’s Plant Menu range, choose from plant-based steaks, fish cakes, burgers and even vegan duck.

Highlights included salt and vinegar fish fillets (£1.99,, shredded duck with hoisin sauce (£2.49,, battered no pork sausages (£1.69, and no pulled pork with barbecue sauce (£2.49, If you’re looking for variety at pocket-friendly prices, head to Aldi for Veganuary.

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Burger King

(Daisy Lester)

Fast food joint Burger King had a lot to live up to after the launch of vegan chicken nuggets in 2022. It has met the challenge with a new bacon king range, complete with a plant-based bakon king and vegan royale bakon king.

These Veganuary-alternatives to the popular burgers come with either a vegan royale patty or a plant-based whopper with vegan cheese slides, strips of vegan bacon, as well as egg-free mayo and ketchup. In our seasoned vegetarian’s opinion, the two burgers are a stellar alternative to meat, with the plant-based bacon and cheese additions to the royale making it a real treat.

As part of Burger King’s mission to offer a 50 per cent meat-free menu by 2030, vegan foodies can personlise any plant-based burger supplied by The Vegetarian Butcher with add-ons supplied by Violife vegan cheeze or La Vue bakon.

Available via or in store now

Cathedral City

(Cathedral City)

Though not strictly a veganuary launch, Cathedral City delighted plant-based foodies by launching a vegan cheese (£3.60, in September. Concocted from a combination of coconut oil and potato starch, the flavor is said to be based on the brand’s classic creamy cheddar cheese.

Whether topping off your pizza or adding some cheesy-flavor to your dishes, the block is a fridge staple for Veganuary and beyond.

Available at Tesco now



High street stalwart Costa is always a reliable bet for Veganuary each year – and for 2023, the cafe is launching an enticing range of vegan-friendly savory snacks and sweet treats (we’ve got our eye on the vegan rocky road).

For lunch, make a beeline for the new vegan “me’tball wrap” that’s complete with plant-based meatballs, marinara sauce, peppers and vegan cheese.

Available in store now


(Daisy Lester)

Dominos is steadily expanding its vegan offering – and for Veganuary 2023, it’s put a plant-based twist on a classic base. The brand new vegan American hot is now available at Domino’s nationwide and joins the vegan margherita, vegi supreme, pepperoNAY and vegan nuggets.

Featuring a spicy pepperoni from The Vegetarian Butcher, the pizza is topped with red onions, punchy green jalapenos and signature vegan mozzarella cheese on fresh vegan dough, complete with a vegan version of the failsafe garlic and herb dip. It’s near-impossible to taste the difference between the fake pepperoni and the real-deal, and we were thoroughly impressed with Dominos’ cheese alternative. Consider your vegan hangover-food sorted.

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Unveiling four new items on its menu for Veganuary 2023, Greggs’ plant-based goodies are available for a limited time only – so you’ll want to be quick. On the line-up you’ll find a southern fried chicken-free baguette, chicken-free goujons, a warming winter vegetable soup and a vegan cajun roll.

The plant-based take on the southern fried baguette, soup and goujons are available in stores now, while the cajun roll will be available from January 7.

Available in store now



McDonalds delighted vegan foodies with the launch of its McPlant burger in 2021, so we had high hopes for this year’s offering and we weren’t disappointed. For 2023, McPlant-lovers will be treated to a double helping of the beloved burger.

The double McPlant contains two Beyond Meat patties, served on a sesame seed bun with mustard, ketchup, sandwich sauce, fresh onion, pickles, lettuce, tomato and vegan cheese. It hasn’t been confirmed if the twice as nice burger will remain on menus beyond January, so we’d suggest snapping it up while you can.

Available in store now


(Marks & Spencers)

This isn’t just any vegan range, this is the M&S plant kitchen vegan range. Adding to its already 250-strong plant-friendly range, the retailer has added nine new vegan products to its roster for 2023.

Sorting dinner, lunch and any snacking in between, vegan-eaters can feast on everything from main courses to condiments. Expanding its vegan pizza range, there’s a tempting chicken and pepper pizza (£4.75), or indulge in plant-based cheesy goodness with the new mac and greens (£4.25) dish while the Victoria sponge cake (£3.75) has you sorted for dessert.

Catering for all tastes, there’s also a thai green curry (£4.75, on the line-up, as well as fried chicken seasoning (£1.50) that’s great for chips or potato wedges, a “chicken and chorizo” sandwich (£3.75) and nduja paste (£2) to spice up meal times.

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Pasta Evangelists

(Pasta Evangelists)

Pasta Evangelists regularly score top-marks in our recipe box round-ups, with our reviewer saying “the pasta is high quality, and best of all, takes very, very little time to prepare.” The service can not only be relied on for a delicious dinner, but also for a vegetarian.

This year, it’s serving up Italian-goodness in the form of a vegan pea and shallot ravioli with belazu garlic oil and lemon pangrattato (£7.20, If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s also a spicy spaghetti all’arrabbiatissima with pangrattato (£5.85, that’s sure to elevate meal times.

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(Daisy Lester)

After last year’s TLC (tastes like chicken) tikka and TLS (tastes like steak) sub, we were eagerly awaiting Subway’s Veganuary range, and it arrived with a bang. The fast-food sandwich chain has debuted a plant-based teriyaki steak Subway in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher.

The new sub boasts a vegan steak filling that’s packed with Asian-inspired flavors and topped with a rich teriyaki sauce. As always, the sandwich is fully customizable with a choice of vegan cheese and veggie additions – from peppers to onions – and available as either a 6in or footlong sub or as a wrap or salad. This joins the growing vegan roster at Subway alongside the plant patty, veggie delite, crinkle wedges and vegan double choc cookie.

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Coffee giant Starbucks is marking Veganuary 2023 with five new vegan options that we can’t wait to try. In terms of beverages, there’s a caramelised macadamia oat latte on the menu while the sweet treats department is covered with a new banana caramel muffin and raspberry and almond mini loaf in its bakery section.

For breakfast, a plant-based breakfast wrap filled with tofu scramble, Lincolnshire-style sausage, spinach and smoky barbecue pinto bean sauce has been introduced, while for lunch, vegans can try the new no’beef and red onion focaccia sandwich, in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher.

Available in store now



An instantly-recognizable vegan brand in the UK, This has launched streaky bacon (£2.25, in time for Veganuary 2023. Using the brand’s “fat 2.0” innovation, it not only looks realistic, but the strips are also low in fat and high in protein.

Made with its award-winning plant-based meat that uses pea and soya protein, the fry strips evenly and comes out smokey, juicy, crispy and succulent. Whether complementing your Veganuary burgers or topping off vegan pizzas, you can buy the bacon from Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose now.

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Wagamama’s menu may already be more than 50 per cent plant-based, but it can always be relied on for innovative takes on vegan dishes. For Veganuary 2023, the restaurant chain is launching a vegan chicken kare lomen dish comprised of udon noodles in a bowl of coconut broth with a chili kick, topped with vegan teriyaki chicken, coriander, beansprouts and cucumber.

Better still, Wagamama is partnering with The Bread and Butter Thing – a charity that brings low-cost food home to low-income communities – for Veganuary, allowing for one million meals to be donated.

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