Boy Pens Angry Letter Calling Santa ‘Fatty’ & Threatening Him Over

With Christmas just around the corner, many children have sent their lists to Santa and are anxiously waiting for him to deliver. However, most children do not write follow-up letters to the big man once they’ve received their gifts. One child’s defiant letter to Santa is taking the Internet by storm, and people aren’t sure … Read more

Lea Michele may have had buccal fat removal

When Lea Michele was trending on Twitter this week, the internet wasn’t troll her alleged inability to read or dish out more Broadway dramas. Rather, social media was buzzing about her chiseled facial appearance. The “Funny Girl” star posted a sexy selfie comparing herself to Lucia, the beautiful Sicilian working girl on “The White Lotus.” … Read more

Wherefore Art Thou Buccal Fat?

Photo: Momodu Mansaray (GettyImages), screenshot: Instagram (GettyImages) If something has felt askew in your life lately, it’s not your inner ear, nor is it the mystical pull of the moon. It’s the facial fat distribution of our beautiful, beloved celebrities. The hottest new trend amongst the cosmetically enhanced—both famous and not—is buccal fat pad removal. … Read more

Doctor explains why drinking Diet Coke gets you drunk faster than the full fat version

When enjoying an alcoholic beverage, there is always that one drink you think gets you more drunk than others, despite having the same amount of alcohol in it. There has been a long-running theory that has been documented on TikTok surrounding using either regular Coke or Diet Coke in some of your favorites like whiskey … Read more

I spontaneously got fat in double chin dissolved but I didn’t know about ‘bullfrog effect’ that left me swollen for days

A YOUNG woman has told how she “spontaneously” decided to get fat in her “double” chin dissolved and was left with swelling for DAYS. Keely Cunningham, @keely_541 on TikTok, recently shared the healing process with her followers. 3 Keely made the spontaneous decision to undergo the procedureCredit: TikTok 3 She was worried about how long … Read more

Woman sparks uproar by declaring that being fat is not beautiful

A woman has come under fire after stating that she believes “fat people are not beautiful” and that “being fat is not okay”. The anonymous Australian woman was featured in a TikTok video on a channel called Common Ground Convosa page that says they “ask the important but controversial question, then try to find common … Read more

A Young NEK Dairy Farmer Showcases Her Cows and Life Through TikTok | Food + Drink Features | Seven Days

click to enlarge Courtesy Kirbie Nichols’ TikTok page For Kirbie Nichols, co-owner of Speedwell Farms in Lyndonville, the average workday starts in the barn at 3:30 in the morning, Pop-Tart in hand. It takes her an hour to get the milking units affixed to the first eight of 107 milking cows on the dairy operation … Read more