Do YOU ​​look old for your age? Researchers warn you might be more prone to illnesses

If you look older than your school friends, it might be a reason to worry. For researchers have now warned that it could be a sign you’re more at risk of age-related illness such as osteoporosis, hearing loss and cataracts. Academics in the Netherlands guessed the age of around 2,700 people aged 50 to 90, … Read more

Working Cows Dairy

Working Cows Dairy(WBRC) SLOCOMB, Ala. (WBRC) – Jan and Rinske de Jong left their native Fryslan, a province of The Netherlands, to come to America, eventually settling in Slocomb. Jan’s background was in dairy farming, so the family started the first organic dairy in the state. Working Cows Dairy(WBRC) “We came out of The Netherlands, … Read more