Cold protection options for growing winter fruits and vegetables | National News

ATHENS — Whether you’re a home gardener or a production farmer, Georgia’s mild climate allows for a variety of fruits and vegetables to be grown throughout the entire year. However, with erratic weather events and broad temperature swings during the winter and early spring months, having a few cold protection resources on hand can help … Read more

Victorian dairy workers fight for industry-wide hot weather policies, including paid leave

As summer heats up in Victoria, dairy workers across the state are getting ready to take historic action to fight for more guaranteed rights on days of extreme weather. Key points: Dairy workers are fighting to implement stricter rules for their workplaces on high heat days They are reporting increasingly hot days and a lack … Read more

Enjoy holiday treats with moderation in mind

I had the opportunity to take part in a holiday tradition in another state. All the downtown stores with many locally made products stayed open late. They had special sales to launch the holiday season. I was looking forward to the evening. The stores offered treats including cookies, candy, cocoa and apple cider. As fate … Read more