Cookies are here! Here are 5 easy weeknight dishes to help you make it through the holidays Arts And Culture

Cookie season has started off with a bang. And yet, you can’t just eat cookies. You have to eat supper. (I don’t make the rules!) I’ve got five ideas for you below. ROASTED HONEY NUT SQUASH AND CHICKPEAS WITH HOT HONEY (Recipe by Melissa Clark) Colorful and meatless, sweet and fiery, this sheet-pan dinner is … Read more

Enjoy holiday treats with moderation in mind

I had the opportunity to take part in a holiday tradition in another state. All the downtown stores with many locally made products stayed open late. They had special sales to launch the holiday season. I was looking forward to the evening. The stores offered treats including cookies, candy, cocoa and apple cider. As fate … Read more

Dietician: Pumpkins rich in fiber, good for your health | News

ANDERSON, Indiana — Pumpkin, a fall favorite of many, can be used for more than decorations and desserts. Annie McFarland, a dietician for Community Hospital Anderson, said pumpkin and other types of squash are rich in fiber, which could help with glucose control. “If anything, I would highlight the amount of fiber in squash and … Read more