Bold and experimental colors drive “freedom of expression” in F&B applications

07 Dec 2022 — The F&B industry continues to search for a variety of colors that are derived from natural sources and can remain stable throughout various formulation conditions. Notably, shades derived from plant sources, such as blues and reds, command attention and colors that support sustainable supply chains are also in high demand. Meanwhile, … Read more

Hybrid foods “strike a balance” between sustainable eating and optimal flavor without compromise

23 Nov 2022 — Hybrid protein food products are retaining their position as an attractive market opportunity, as more consumers reduce their animal ingredient intake. Suppliers believe that hybrid products meet the demand for sustainable, healthy nutrition while offering authentic flavors and familiar textures that meat-eaters know and love. FoodIngredientsFirst explores the space of hybrid … Read more

Suppliers share insights on “Redefining Value” and other top trends for 2023 amid economic pressures

09 Nov 2022 — Brands, producers and consumers are wrestling with rising costs and greater instabilities within F&B sectors. Value has taken on a whole new meaning to many consumers, not looking at purely cheaper or economical versions but solutions that meet their taste and nutrition values. FoodIngredientsFirst Speaking with key ingredient suppliers, who share … Read more

Industry leverages functional switches toward simpler, natural reformulations

02 Nov 2022 — Faced with the task of reformulating to keep pace with ever-evolving appetites, it remains essential for food producers to maintain functionality when switching out outdated “nasties.” At the top of mind for suppliers and brands, industry at large is now having to make the critical change from harmful colorants in line … Read more