Impossible Foods EU patent revoked; US IP dispute with Motif FoodWorks ramps up

At issue is the use of heme proteins in plant-based meat alternatives, an area in which Impossible and Motif – who have each laid off staff in recent months as market conditions have deteriorated – both play. Impossible Foods’ heme protein is identical to soy leghemoglobin, a protein found in nodules attached to the roots … Read more

Entact Bio Emerges With $81M to Play Matchmaker to Protein-Enhancing Drugs

Small molecules are a mainstay of drug therapy, many of them work by targeting a protein and blocking it. A newer but still experimental approach leads to the degradation of disease-causing proteins. Research has revealed new insights into the ways proteins can be regulated and Entact Bio is building on that science to expand what … Read more

Germany gets in on the act

The biorefinery system can potentially produce protein-based feed for pigs and poultry, as a partial replacement for imported soy in feed, along with raw materials for producing organic-based plastics and paper, energy, and fertilizers, say the researchers involved in the ProGrün. project. The entire process is being tested at pilot scale, with a model biorefinery … Read more

Plant-based yogurt sales are dropping – can they be revived?

According to data from the Brightfield Group’s evergi platform, sales of plant-based yogurt fell 9% in the second quarter of this year compared to Q2 2021 – mirroring a similar drop across other plant-based categories, including creamers, which fell 25%, cheese, which dropped 8%, and ice cream, which dropped 3%. The decline can be attributed … Read more

Amai Proteins finalizing initial closing of $100m round as it gears up for launch of ‘designer’ sweet protein in 2023

Marketed under the brand name ‘sweelin,’ the ultra-sweet, zero-calorie protein is inspired by monellin, a protein found in serendipity berries, but is slightly different in structure (making it more stable), said founder and CEO Dr Ilan Samish. , who deploy agile-integrative computational protein design (AI-CPD) with precision fermentation to program a yeast strain to express … Read more

Perfect Day doubles production capacity via SBL acquisition, gets green light for animal-free dairy in India

SBL– which makes gelatin, dicalcium phosphate, and pharmaceutical ingredients including cholesterol-lowering drugs – hasprecision fermentation capabilities with existing fermenters that will allow the company to expand its precision fermentation capabilities in the months ahead while continuing to service existing SBL customers in both the pharma and protein sectors.”According to Perfect Day co-founder Ryan Pandya, who … Read more

Adding dairy to gluten-free dough makes for a softer, larger loaf

Avoiding gluten has become increasingly important for some consumers over the years, evidenced by the growth of the free-from food market. According to Statista, the gluten-free food market is set to grow to a value of US$14bn from US$6.7bn in the US alone over the next decade. The protein is found in wheat, rye and … Read more

Consumers turn to mass club as they seek lower grocery prices amid rising inflation

With inflation driving up the price of all foods and beverages a staggering 28.8% in October 2022 vs October 2019, 80% of consumers reported shopping for groceries differently, according to the data published earlier this month. While the most popular money-saving measures include looking for sales and deals more often, a strategy employed by 55% … Read more

Wilk serves up hybrid yogurt made with cultivated milk fat

A major breakthrough – this is how Wilk CEO Tomer Aizen described his company’s latest foray in cell-based dairy. The Israeli foodtech startup says it has developed a first-of-its-kind product by leveraging its proprietary cell-cultured milk fat; It’s a proof that the company’s technology can be successfully deployed to produce food, Wilk claims. The product … Read more

Bel Group bets on precision fermentation dairy in Standing Ovation partnership

Swapping animal-derived proteins with alternative protein sources has been a focus for a growing number of food scientists, manufacturers and consumers. In turn, the dairy alternatives market is projected to grow by more than 10% annually between 2022 and 2028, reaching a value of more than US$31.5bn according to Facts and Factors. And while plant-based … Read more