Rabobank shares global animal protein production outlook for 2023

UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS – With modest growth projected for meat worldwide, Rabobank and Rabo AgriFinance shared their latest Global Animal Protein Outlook for 2023. In the analysis, the group stated that the industry would continue to face high costs in the supply chain along with much variability in consumption habits. However, global production should rise again … Read more

What is better – proteins or carbs?

When seeking long-term weight loss it is important to balance proteins and carbs New Delhi: Weight loss is one of the most important and sought-after mechanisms that people in the world over try with different kinds of fad diets, healthy diets, exercise, yoga, or a general health outlook. However, many people get confused as they … Read more

Germany gets in on the act

The biorefinery system can potentially produce protein-based feed for pigs and poultry, as a partial replacement for imported soy in feed, along with raw materials for producing organic-based plastics and paper, energy, and fertilizers, say the researchers involved in the ProGrün. project. The entire process is being tested at pilot scale, with a model biorefinery … Read more

Balancing feed form and mill throughput

Anitox says it is about delivering faster moisture penetration into meal during conditioning to achieve optimum conditioning in the shortest possible conditioning time. Matt Oldnall, technical services manager, EMEA/AP, at that company, explained further: Optimizing feed nutritional values ​​puts the focus on feed performance, and that is measured in feed form: more whole pellets at … Read more

IFPA’s Burns: Produce industry’s ‘time is now’

ORLANDO — One of the silver linings of the COVID pandemic has been the increased importance consumers are placing on their health. It’s created an extraordinary opportunity for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, Cathy Burns, CEO of the International Fresh Produce Association, told attendees of the first-ever Global Produce & Floral Show. “Our future … Read more