What MycoTechnology’s Novel Food approval means for alt dairy

Colorado-based MycoTechnology wrapped 2022 with major distribution announcements and ambitions for growth and commercial expansion during the new year. At the start of 2023, the company announced it has overcome the final hurdle to enter the European market with FermentIQ, its fermented plant-based protein, which has now received Novel Food approval by the European Food … Read more

Sesame milk gains traction in evolving plant-based milk market

The company – which fortifies its sesame milk with calcium and vitamin D and adds some pea protein concentrate to get up to 8g protein per serving – is starting to see some real traction, four years after launch, said CEO Julia Stamberger. “Success has been evident in both broad acceptance of sesame milk by … Read more

How much protein powder is good for you? Know all about top nutrition supplement that supports muscle growth

Protein powders are concentrated forms of protein from animal or plant sources New Delhi: Human body needs all kinds of nutritious minerals for overall upkeep and development. Vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, and even fat help the body get energy and help the functioning of all vital organs. Proteins, known as the body’s building blocks, provide … Read more

Bel Brands, Perfect Day launch animal-free cream cheese, expand mainstream exposure of dairy alternatives

The partnership brings together Bel Brands’ more than 100 years of cheese-making experience and Perfect Day’s animal-free casein and whey made with microbial fermentation rather than cows to launch, this week, Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese Spread Alternative. “We are leveraging our unique history and expertise in cheese and partnering with Perfect Day … Read more

Tattooed Chef May Start Selling – What?And What’s Next For Alt-Protein In 2023

I‘m ending the year with an excerpt from my book, Raw Deal, all about the investor frenzy that’s been driving the plant-based boom, as well as a scoop. Tattooed Chef, a brand that went public in 2020 as a plant-based foods company, is now considering what was once unthinkable: selling meat. Why? According to its … Read more

Royal DSM launches next gen ‘free from’ plant protein

Aligned with the growing demand for delicious, nutritional and sustainable plant-based baked goods and snacks, DSM has created Vertis CanolaPRO, a complete, high quality canola protein isolate that is free from all major allergens. The product is the result of more than 10 years of research and development at DSM to unlock healthy protein from … Read more

Dairy alternatives increasingly seen as complementary to dairy products: survey

The company, which supplies cocoa, coffee, dairy, nut and spice ingredients, asked over 1,500 consumers in Germany, France, UK, Italy and Sweden about their attitudes to the plant-based beverages, desserts and ice-cream market. The survey revealed interest in plant-based products continues to grow, showing high potential for plant-based as something new and complementary for European … Read more

Lab-grown cocoa? Celleste Bio backs plant cell culture to solve ‘chocolate supply crisis’

Formed in July, the firm has already attracted the interest of Big Chocolate with Mondelēz International onboard with undisclosed seed funding. Other backers include food-focused venture capitalist, Barrel Ventures, Israeli agricultural co-op Regba Group and agri-food and medical tech VC, Trendlines. Celleste Bio’s USP utilizes cell culture to grow high quality cocoa without the plant … Read more

BC30 boosts amino acid absorption from plant protein concentrate: Study

Weizmannia coagulansGBI-30, 6086 (BC30, formerly classified as Bacillus coagulans​) has been reported to produce digestive enzymes (proteases) that can digest proteins more efficiently than the endogenous human proteases alone. New data from scientists from Lindenwood University and Increnovo report that combining BC30 supplements with rice and pea protein concentrates led to significantly greater levels of … Read more

Plant-based dairy and meat by numbers; Declining trends continue, but pockets of growth remain

For dairy alternatives, SPINS US retail data shared with FoodNavigator-USA shows: Plant-based milk ($2.73bn category): Oat milk and shelf-stable coconut milk driving volume ​ 12 weeks to October 30: $sales +10.5%, unit sales -3% 52 weeks to October 30: $sales +7.6%, unit sales -1.4% Over the latest 12-week period, all of the volume growth came … Read more