Kitchen Classics: Pasta and cheese is comfort food at its finest News

It’s December, which for many people means a traditional, tried and true line-up of meats, sides, desserts and heritage treats. Food traditions run deep, and especially so during the holiday season; so I won’t try to sell you a new way to cook ham or meatballs. Instead, I will share a family favorite that fits … Read more

Pasta 101: A Complete Guide On How To Make Pasta Like A Pro

Let’s agree, Italian cuisine has become an indispensable part of Indian food habits. Every nook and corner of the country has at least one Italian food joint serving freshly-baked pizzas, saucy pasta, risotto and more. And we can’t deny pasta remains one of the most popular choices among all (another one being pizza). From street-side … Read more

‘Passive cooking’ to prepare pasta can help you save energy, says food brand

In a nation where cooking pasta is treated with religious reverence, any challenge to the traditional way of doing things is bound to be viewed as controversial – if not downright heretical. So when one of Italy’s biggest pasta makers began telling its customers to ignore what generations of the country’s nonni (grandparents) had taught … Read more

How to Make a Delicious Pasta-Free Lasagna

Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann Lasagna is already delicious, but maybe you’re looking to sneak in more protein and reduce some carbs, maybe digestive sensitivities stop you from pasta loving the way you want, or maybe the grocery store ran out again. Regardless, you’re here hankering for lasagna, so instead of forgoing the dish entirely, make … Read more