KerryNutri Guide measures fat, sugar and salt score while highlighting beverage levies

02 Dec 2022 — Addressing a changing global regulatory landscape for F&B players, Kerry has launched a digital tool designed to support manufacturers in optimizing the nutritional profile of products while being aware of the various front-of-pack (FoP) regulations. The KerryNutri Guide can measure food and beverages across a wide range of FoP nutrition labeling … Read more

Plant-based foods vs. animal-based foods

An editorial published in The American Journal of Cardiology describes how wrong food choices can impact health at individual and population levels. Also discussed in the editorial are the ethical implications of eating animal-based foods and measures to promote healthier diets. Editorial: Are We What We Eat? The Moral Imperative of the Medical Profession to … Read more

Comparing Mediterranean diet versus low-fat diet for metabolic syndrome

In a recent study published in Human Nutrition & Metabolismresearchers assess the impact of the Mediterranean diet compared to a low-fat diet (LF-Diet) on metabolic syndromes (MetS) outcomes. Study: Effects of the Mediterranean diet versus low-fat diet on metabolic syndrome outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Image Credit: Antonina Vlasova / … Read more

Gut microbial flavonoid catabolite reverses fatty liver disease in mice

In a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Researchers report that a gut microbial catabolite could reduce the cardiometabolic disease (CMD) burden in mice. Study: A gut microbial metabolite of dietary polyphenols reverses obesity-driven hepatic steatosis. Image Credit: SvetaZi / Background Flavonoids exhibit anti-obesogenic, chemoprotective, and antioxidant … Read more

Why eating potatoes could help you lose weight with little effort: a new study

Carb lovers rejoice! This delectable starch, long a guilty pleasure, just might be a secret weapon when trying to “lose weight with little effort.” Researchers have discovered the surprising health benefit of potatoes — as it turns out, these spuds are incredibly nutrient-dense and could be a crucial “part of a healthy diet,” according to … Read more

A High Fat Diet Can Provoke Pain Sensitivity

Most experts agree that nerve damage and pain observed in those with obesity or diabetes is related to their metabolic state. A new study published in Scientific Reports from the University of Texas-Dallas is challenging this notion, suggesting that the act of indulging in fattening food alone may be the driving factor behind pain in … Read more

Acrivon Nets $100M for Protein Tech That Picks Patients for Targeted Cancer Meds

For targeted cancer therapy to work, it’s not enough to identify the right targets to hit with a drug. Just as important is selecting the patients appropriate for a given therapy. Scientists at Acrivon Therapeutics say their approach brings advantages over genetic-based patient selection. The Acrivon technology is approaching its first tests in humans with … Read more

High fat diets may contribute to chronic pain, study shows

Share on PinterestA study found that a high-fat diet may cause pain responses to non-painful stimuli, an effect seen in obesity and diabetes. Vince Brophy/Getty Images High fat diets are popular in developed countries like the United States, but may contribute to health problems, such as inflammation. Researchers are still working to understand the relationship … Read more

North Carolina ranks 15th in most obese in country, WalletHub says

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – Just in time for Thanksgiving, we have some bad news for you: We North Carolinians are too fat. In fact, North Carolina ranks as the 15th worst state nationally for having the biggest problem with being overweight (at least) and obese (at worst). Children playing in Centennial Olympic Park showing signs … Read more

What makes mice fat, but not rats? Supressing neuromedin U, study finds

Newswise — Our sensory urges ranging from anger to hunger are regulated by hormonal or neuronal signals. Often, these impulses appear as behavioral responses, evoked through complex biological reactions. Components of these reactions are produced in the body through expression of certain proteins, which in turn, are coded by certain genes. Neuromedin U (NMU) is … Read more