5 Types of Obesity According to TCM, Lose Weight Using Simple, Ancient Techniques

Obesity has become an ubiquitous condition of our times. It affects people’s appearance, self-esteem, and may pose a threat to physical health. What are the causative factors of obesity? Is there a one size fits all solution for the reduction of the condition? Dr. Yu Ya-wen, a Taiwanese traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner, provides different … Read more

Salk scientists show how a microprotein can increase appetite in mice

Obesity and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, are extremely common in the United States. Tiny proteins called microproteins have long been overlooked in research, but new evidence demonstrates that they have an important role in metabolism. Salk scientists have discovered that both brown and white fat is filled with thousands of previously unknown microproteins, and … Read more

Why eating potatoes could help you lose weight with little effort: study

Carb lovers rejoice! This delectable starch, long a guilty pleasure, just might be a secret weapon when trying to “lose weight with little effort.” Researchers have discovered the surprising health benefit of potatoes — as it turns out, these spuds are incredibly nutrient-dense and could be a crucial “part of a healthy diet,” according to … Read more

Looking for weight loss? Avoid eating these 5 starchy foods

French fries, the favorite comfort food of many, are extremely high in calories and are linked to various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, and weight gain. New Delhi: Weight loss is a perennial issue with many. No matter how many fad diets you choose, losing weight and managing it is not an easy … Read more

Is ‘Fat Santa’ Bad for Us? As Health Expert ‘Body Shames’, How History Expanded Santa’s Waistline

Ho, ho… no! Days before Christmas, Santa Claus has been embroiled in a body shaming controversy following a call to ban ‘fat Santas’ from shopping malls in Australia, according to reports. With his demand that sticking pillows or other stuffing down the front of the famous red suit end, Australian health researcher Vincent Candrawinata sparked … Read more

CDC Updates BMI Charts for Kids: Here’s Why

Physicians use Body Mass Index (BMI) charts to help assess and monitor growth in children. The CDC recently announced a revised version of the children and adolescent BMI chart. The new chart has been extended to cover higher BMI measures of ‘severe obesity’. According to CDC data, more than 4.5 million US children and adolescents … Read more

Ban ‘fat’ Santas, says Australian health expert

All fat Santas should be banned from shopping centres, as an overweight Father Christmas will send the wrong message and promote binge eating, says Dr Vincent Candrawinata, a health and wellness expert and researcher at the University of Newcastle, NSW. He says that being overweight has nothing to do with happiness and that all entertainment … Read more

Subcutaneous fat protects against brain inflammation in females

Females’ propensity to deposit more fat in places like their hips, buttocks and the backs of their arms, so-called subcutaneous fat, is protective against brain inflammation, which can result in problems like dementia and stroke, at least until menopause, scientists report. . Males of essentially any age have a greater propensity to deposit fat around … Read more

Darren Aronofsky defends ‘realistic’ fat suit in ‘The Whale’

“The Whale” director Darren Aronofosky has shed critics who say his critically acclaimed film promotes “fatphobia.” At the center of the controversy is a fat suit worn by star Brendan Fraser, 54, who plays a 600-pound English teacher named Charlie as he struggles to repair his relationship with his estranged teenage daughter, portrayed by Sadie … Read more