Calorie counting is pointless, says top diet expert… so here’s what you should do instead

Calorie counting is ‘complete nonsense’ and doesn’t help with weight loss, a top dietician has warned. Professor Tim Spector, an expert in nutrition, said some people can lose weight in the short term by limiting their calorie intake. But almost all ‘bounce bank’ to their original weight and ‘many go above it’, he claimed. He … Read more

Astonishing 500 health fat cats are on £100,000-plus

More than 500 health bureaucrats earn over £100,000-a-year, official figures have revealed. This includes dozens who actually get paid more than Rishi Sunak, who takes home around £160,000 as Prime Minister. Sir Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, and Amanda Pritchard, boss of NHS England, are among the ‘fat cats’. Salary figures were released as … Read more