Bold and experimental colors drive “freedom of expression” in F&B applications

07 Dec 2022 — The F&B industry continues to search for a variety of colors that are derived from natural sources and can remain stable throughout various formulation conditions. Notably, shades derived from plant sources, such as blues and reds, command attention and colors that support sustainable supply chains are also in high demand. Meanwhile, … Read more

Natural Perfumes, Multifunctional Moisturizers And Protein-Free Hair Care Products Are Top Of Mind For Consumers: Spate

As consumers prepare for the winter season, beauty enthusiasts are seeking a moisturizer with retinol for the body to smooth away the appearance of cellulite. They’re also seeking perfumes made with natural ingredients, and watching their hair’s protein intake, which can make their tresses undesirably brittle and dull. Natural perfumes It appears the appeal of … Read more