Viking Therapeutics accuses Chinese co of stealing fatty liver disease drug secrets

summary Companies Law firms Viking accused Ascletis of taking secrets after collaboration ‘ruse’ Secrets supposedly allowed Ascletis to skip years of research to create a competing drug (Reuters) – San Diego-based biopharma company Viking Therapeutics Inc sued China-based Ascletis Bioscience Co. in California federal court Thursday, alleging Ascletis stole trade secrets related to its leading … Read more

Got Protein? Food labeling suits enjoy a taste of success

Law firms Related documents (Reuters) – Food labeling litigation can be deliciously easy to mock. Do any consumers really buy strawberry Pop-Tarts because they think they’re loaded with antioxidants or vitamin C — and feel hoodwinked because they’re not? Do they really expect a box of Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries to be brimming with real, … Read more

In Britain’s inflation crisis, healthy diets are a casualty

LONDON, Oct 28 (Reuters) – Fresh vegetables and fish are falling off the menu. Packaged pizzas and processed meat are the dishes of the day. Many British households are turning away from healthier foods as rampant inflation pushes them towards cheaper processed meals, according to consumer data and experts who are worried about the nation … Read more

Danone to shed Russian dairy business with 1 bln euro write-off

Danone to transfer control of dairy business in Russia Russian dairy unit accounts for 90% of Russian operations Danone may keep stake in dairy business – source Many Western food cos continue to supply basic goods to Russia PARIS, Oct 14 (Reuters) – French food company Danone (DANO.PA) will shed control of its dairy food … Read more