Dairy crime fury: ‘If the Government is not able to provide safety. . . they have no right to govern’

Dairy owners are increasingly working in fear due to aggravated robberies and night-time ram-raid burglaries. Photo/Hayden Woodward Dairy owners operating in increased fear have declared a “retail crime emergency” and called for urgent support from law-makers including more legal protection to use self-defence, installation of facial recognition cameras and cracking down on beggars and “feral … Read more

More Groomed Fat Bike Trails Plus an Important Trail Bill Passes [Trail Flow]

Trail Flow is a roundup of all the mountain bike trail related news of the week including new trail builds, advocacy, and planning. Do you have trail news? Email [email protected] as possible as possible. Bonneville Shoreline Act passes Photos: Joey Klein, provided by IMBA. Just before the Christmas Holiday, President Biden signed the Bonneville Shoreline … Read more

More than $100,000 raised for slain dairy worker Janak Patel’s family

Janak Patel. Photo/Supplied By Tom Taylor of RNZ More than $100,000 has been raised for the family of a dairy shop worker slain in the Auckland suburb of Sandringham. Friday marks one month since Janak Patel was killed in a robbery, sparking nationwide protests over the safety of small businesses. More than 2000 people, many … Read more

More Harm Than Good: Why You Shouldn’t Feed Backyard Deer

The hardship of winter motivates some well-meaning people to set out food for deer. The truth is, they’re wild animals adapted to winter, and feeding them can quickly create a variety of problems significantly affecting their health and survival. Despite good intentions, supplementary feeding of deer often harms them, frequently resulting in their death. Although … Read more


HOW MUSTGROW TURNED THE MUSTARD SEED INTO A BIOTECHNOLOGY The world needs more food than ever before, and people want their food to be grown as naturally and organically as possible-without the use of hazardous chemicals. However, organic growers struggle to keep the pests and weeds at bay, and their crops suffer for it. This … Read more