Methane-busting bolus for grass-fed cows may reduce emissions by at least 70%

The technology, which involves placing a bolus into cow’s rumen and releasing a substance that counteracts the formation of methane, has received backing by the government in the form of a NZ$7.8m grant. Private investors as well as we organizations including the Akina Foundation, Agmart and the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Center have … Read more

Biomethane Plant Proposed for Central Washington State | Local

The city and port of Sunnyside have agreed to spend $12 million developing infrastructure for a potential industrial park, including a renewable natural gas facility. Pacific Ag, an agricultural waste company, has proposed a 60-acre facility with anaerobic digesters that turn livestock and agricultural waste into renewable natural gas, or biomethane. The plant could have … Read more

Dairy farmers expect to reach target for climate measures

A new report says the state’s dairy farmers are on track to cut emissions enough to meet 2030 climate goals. About half of the reduction could come from converting manure into a gas that does less harm than petroleum-based sources. Stanislaus County is among the leaders in this venture so far. The report was released … Read more

Industrial Meat and Dairy is destroying the Planet

Cattle on a feedlot in Nebraska.Photo: Nati Harnik (AP) The world’s largest meat and dairy companies are responsible for more than 10% of all global methane emissions from livestock, with some singular companies emitting as much or more methane than many individual countries, including Russia, Germany, and Australia, a new one report finds. The report, … Read more

A “Farm Powered” Business Model For Scalable Renewable Energy Production From Waste

The logo for Vanguard Renewable’s business arrangement with dairy farms to generate energy from … [+] could have been waste Vanguard Renewables It has been pointed out that “waste is only really waste if you waste it.” That is of a particular concern when what is being wasted is renewable energy. Our food system generates … Read more