AB Agri acquires dairy industry specialists

Kite Consulting is a Staffordshire-based dairy specialist, working across the food supply chain, from farmers and food processors right through to retailers. The agriculture division of Associated British Foods, Ab Agri said Kite’s “highly talented and capable team​” is well regarded across the sector, particularly for its technical and business consultancy service, which supports dairy … Read more

Tyson innovation insights, India kids snacks, cultivated protein developments and more

Nuggets of truth: Increasingly demanding consumer tastes accelerating RTC and flavor innovations – Tyson​ Increasingly challenging consumer demands for products that can satisfy both taste and convenience needs are accelerating format and flavor innovation within the ready-to-cook (RTC) foods sector, according to Tyson’s APAC VP. Poultry and protein heavyweight Tyson Foods is well-known for its … Read more

Usana acquires revenue outside of Asia with protein bar manufacturer, supplement MLM

Usana, which is based in Salt Lake City, UT, acquired Rise Bar, a manufacturer of protein bars, which is based in Irvine, CA. The manufacturer, which was founded in 2010, bills its products as the ‘simplest’ protein bars. For example, it’s Almond Honey Protein bar features just three ingredients: almonds, honey and whey protein isolate. … Read more

Consumers turn to mass club as they seek lower grocery prices amid rising inflation

With inflation driving up the price of all foods and beverages a staggering 28.8% in October 2022 vs October 2019, 80% of consumers reported shopping for groceries differently, according to the data published earlier this month. While the most popular money-saving measures include looking for sales and deals more often, a strategy employed by 55% … Read more

Baladna eyes more South East Asian markets after Malaysia success

When we last spoke with Baladna earlier this year, the firm had just confirmed its dairy venture plans in Malaysia, to initiate operations by 2025 and produce 100 million liters of fresh milk annually within the first three years. Several months on, the firm has firmed up more aspects of its business strategy and has … Read more

ING2 co-founder on excitement around dileucine

As reported by NutraIngredients-USA​, the company’s dileucine ingredient – ​​branded RAMPS (Rapid Action Muscle Protein Synthesis) – was the subject of a paper published in the Journal of Applied Physiology​, which reported that young men who consumed dileucine had significantly more muscle synthesis than men who ingested only leucine. “When we talk about leucine, this … Read more

The scientist redefining nutrition, food waste and food security with an upcycled sugars from fiber

The Supplant Company is rethinking sugar. The oft-viewed culprit of many of the world population’s nutritional issues has been given a makeover, by upcycling fibre-rich, ‘prebiotic’ portion of crops typically discarded to sweeten cookies and chocolate created in collaboration with Chef Thomas Keller, the first and only American-born chef to simultaneously hold two three Michelin … Read more

Thanksgiving shoppers hunting for savings create opportunity for plant-based protein, discount retailers to capture market share now and long-term

With inflation driving the price of food consumed at home up double-digits over the past year, Americans can expect a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to set them back between 13.5% to 17.8%, according to IRI and Datasembly, respectively. Most of this increase will from pies and sides, the prices for which IRI notes are up 20.3% … Read more

Healthy children snacking in India, sugar reduction pledges in Australia, dairy for health in China and more

Keeping kids keen: Growth in India’s children’s snacking market driven by convenience, health and safety​ Convenience for parents and guaranteed food safety for children are the primary drivers of growth for the kids’ snacking market in India today, with the category evolving to become an increasingly important dietary occasion in the country. Globally, the snacking … Read more

‘Microorganisms are terrible at multitasking, but they know how to do one thing at a time with extreme efficiency’

“On a high level when we think about cows as production vessels, they have many, many tasks in life that are separate to creating milk proteins,” ​head of business development Jason Rosenberg explained. “Cows have to grow, they have to reproduce, they have to walk, they have to eat, they have to build muscle tissue, … Read more