Meiji’s subsidiary develops algorithm for personalized protein intake

In the lead-up to the creation of the algorithm, the firm had referenced data, including body weight, purpose of protein intake, and amount of exercise from research papers. It also conducted a survey among 869 consumers mostly between 20s and 70s to find out their demand for protein products to develop the algorithm. The effect … Read more

Nestlé and Fonterra to trial net-zero dairy farm

New Zealand dairy cooperative Fonterra has partnered with food giant Nestlé in a bid to develop a commercially viable net zero dairy farm. The methods and technologies used during the project will be shared with Fonterra farmers, who could then adopt what’s appropriate for their operations, says the co-op. Nestlé encourages climate-smart agriculture initiatives through … Read more

Usana acquires revenue outside of Asia with protein bar manufacturer, supplement MLM

Usana, which is based in Salt Lake City, UT, acquired Rise Bar, a manufacturer of protein bars, which is based in Irvine, CA. The manufacturer, which was founded in 2010, bills its products as the ‘simplest’ protein bars. For example, it’s Almond Honey Protein bar features just three ingredients: almonds, honey and whey protein isolate. … Read more

Consumers turn to mass club as they seek lower grocery prices amid rising inflation

With inflation driving up the price of all foods and beverages a staggering 28.8% in October 2022 vs October 2019, 80% of consumers reported shopping for groceries differently, according to the data published earlier this month. While the most popular money-saving measures include looking for sales and deals more often, a strategy employed by 55% … Read more

Thanksgiving shoppers hunting for savings create opportunity for plant-based protein, discount retailers to capture market share now and long-term

With inflation driving the price of food consumed at home up double-digits over the past year, Americans can expect a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to set them back between 13.5% to 17.8%, according to IRI and Datasembly, respectively. Most of this increase will from pies and sides, the prices for which IRI notes are up 20.3% … Read more

Plant-based drinks ‘not real alternatives’ to dairy milk – study

The study, carried out by Swiss scholars and nutrition experts, analyzed the nutrient profile of 27 samples of plant-based beverages and two of cow’s milk were compared. The plant drinks, 13 of which were fortified, were collected from two major supermarkets in Bern and included soy, almond, cashew, coconut, hemp, oat, rice and pelt. To … Read more

New technology for whole-cell food fiber delivers gut health benefits

PulseON Foods is a pre-seed start-up founded to promote what it believes could be a game-changing ingredient in the gut health space. The company is built on a technology developed by researchers at Kings College London and the Quadram Institute. Industrial backing, process development and commercial translation was supported through a collaboration with New Food … Read more

Cargill on what’s next for plant-based dairy

Market research carried out by US-based food corporation Cargill, Inc. offers important clues into the growing plant-based food sector, alongside key insights regarding its impact on dairy. Undertaken in two waves, one completed in February 2021 and one in July 2022, the study seeks to gain a deeper understanding of consumer shopping habits and identify … Read more

‘We could see how a number of factors were conspiring to push diary prices up.’ Millbrook Dairy on trading strategies in volatile times

Kevin Beer is the co-founder of Millbrook Dairy – a dairy business that specializes in the production of cheddar and butter. He founded the company alongside David Evans, the duo having previously worked at Ornua Foods UK and who have been cheesemakers in the past. “David and I had talked about doing something on our … Read more

Food prices continue to climb, but slowdown fuels optimism for stability on the horizon

But before that happens, consumers likely will continue to see prices at the shelf rise as several manufacturers recently announced additional increases on the retail horizon or just approved byers. Still, economists and policymakers are buoyed by the Labor Department’s report this morning that increases in the Consumer Price Index are lower than recent months. … Read more