Methane-busting bolus for grass-fed cows may reduce emissions by at least 70%

The technology, which involves placing a bolus into cow’s rumen and releasing a substance that counteracts the formation of methane, has received backing by the government in the form of a NZ$7.8m grant. Private investors as well as we organizations including the Akina Foundation, Agmart and the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Center have … Read more

Flooding forces Mypolonga family to sell dairy farm after property completely submerged

For many communities living in flood-affected areas, their worst nightmare is becoming their reality. Key points: The Smart family have been forced to sell their dairy cows and Mypolonga farm after their entire property was flooded With the help of the community, the family walked more than 500 of their dairy cows 3.5 kilometers to … Read more

US dairy industry poised to grow – AgriNews

OMAHA, Neb. — Milk demand is projected to grow by 21% globally between 2020 and 2030, according to Matt Daley, president of GEA Farm Technologies. And he believes much of that demand could be met by US dairy farmers. “With more people, more dairy is consumed,” said Daley at the Agricultural Bankers Conference in Omaha. … Read more

Dairy margin coverage deadline extended – AgriNews

WASHINGTON — The US Department of Agriculture has extended the deadline for producers to enroll in Dairy Margin Coverage and Supplemental Dairy Margin Coverage for program year 2023 to Jan. 31. DMC is a voluntary risk management program that offers protection to dairy producers when the difference between the all-milk price and the average feed … Read more

Greencastle Livestock Monday Auction 12/19/22 | Dairy Market Reports

Greencastle, Pa. Dec. 19, 2022 Report Supplied by USDA/AMS RECEIPTS: Feeder Cattle 188; Slaughter Cattle 462; Feeder Dairy Caves 397 FEEDER STEERS: Medium/Large 1: 1 head 700 lbs 125.00, 2 head 868 lbs 119.00, 3 head 910-920 lbs 107.00-120.00, 1 head 1140 lbs 110.00. FEEDER DAIRY STEERS: Large 3: 2 head 195 lbs 67.50, 1 … Read more

Canadian dairy farmers line up for fourth Dairy Direct Payment Program payout

Supply-managed Canadian dairy farmers will receive the fourth and final direct payment under the Dairy Direct Payment Program, designed to reimburse producers who have been impacted by the CETA and CPTPP trade deals inked by the government. Under CETA – Canada’s trade deal with the European Union – the EU’s share of the Canadian cheese … Read more

Dairy industry leader recognized for service, sustainability efforts – AgriNews

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Illinois Milk Producers Association during its 2022 annual awards program recognized two farmers who showcased leadership, stewardship and excellence in the dairy industry. David Ruppert of Montgomery County is the recipient of the 2022 Dairy Industry Service Award. This award recognizes an Illinois individual who has shown exemplary service and benefit to … Read more

Edge of Ag News

Nematodes studied as bioinsecticides Two scientists at the US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service are working to ensure a sustainable future for cranberries. Shawn Steffan and David Shapiro Ilan – both research entomologists with the Agricultural Research Service – are working to help growers tap into the potential of two nematode species. The nematodes … Read more

Hay shortages impact dairy profits – AgriNews

FORT ATKINSON, Wis. — US high stocks decreased in 2022. “We’re not at the record lows we saw in 2007, 2013 or 2019, but we’re getting close to that level,” said Mike Rankin, managing editor of Hay & Forage Grower. “There is not as much hay in the barn as we had from 2015 to … Read more

Four States Livestock 7/12/22 | Dairy Market Reports

Wednesday Sale Hagerstown, Md. Dec. 7, 2022 Report Supplied by Auction Prices per cwt except where noted. SLAUGHTER COWS: (82 head) Fleshy Beef: 1400-2000 lbs 68.00-74.00; Breakers: Avg dress 61.00-69.00, High dress up to 74.00; Boners: Avg dress: 59.00-67.00, High dress up to 70.00; Lean: Avg dress 50.00-60.00. BULLS: (7 head) High Dress 1400-2000 lbs … Read more