AI Barely Beats Protein Expert in Latest Matchup

Key Points: AI proved it could better predict which protein sequences would combine most successfully compared with experts in the field. In the study, the humans were correct for 6 out of the 11 proteins they chose, while the machine was correct for 6 out of the 9 proteins chosen. Researchers say the AI ​​method … Read more

Food prices spiral out of citizens’ reach in Bhakkar

BHAKKAR: Inflation in Bhakkar has spiraled out of control, pushing vegetables and fruits out of the reach of the common man. According to the traders, due to the havoc of floods in Sindh and Balochistan provinces, the availability of seasonal vegetables got badly affected, and in the areas where these vegetables remained safe, their prices … Read more

Dairy sector urges investment in R&D

LAHORE: Pakistan’s processed dairy sector is facing challenges in improving supply chain at a time when the livestock and agriculture sector of the country is in deep waters. According to stake holders, the country was already ranked as ‘low-productive’ when it comes to measuring per-animal yield. In milk production, however, despite being the third-largest producer … Read more

Fruit, vegetable price control system filters

LAHORE: The prices of vegetables, fruits and several other essentials have increased in major cities of Punjab due to poor policies of the provincial departments concerned, monopoly of middlemen, decision of rate lists contrary to ground realities and lack of enforcement of the relevant laws. Several consumers complained that they were forced to buy food … Read more