Dairy farmer warns of possible ‘food security threat’ in new year

A fourth-generation dairy farmer has warned that America’s food insecurity crisis may only get worse in the new year amid expansive droughts, supply chain shortages and high interest rates. Stephanie Nash, a Tennessee farmer and agricultural advocate, told FOX News: ‘I definitely think we have a food security threat. ‘I believe 2023 is going to … Read more

Vermont Dairy Farmers, Hit by Rising Prices, Seek Help

Organic dairy and other livestock farmers are seeking emergency federal aid as they grapple with skyrocketing organic feed costs, steep fuel and utility expenses as well as the consequences of drought in many parts of the country. Two dozen US senators and representatives wrote to US Agriculture Department Secretary Tom Vilsack this week asking for … Read more

Inflation may be easing, but grocery prices are still way up

New York CNN — Once again, food inflation is outpacing overall inflation. In the year through November, food got 10.6% more expensive, with grocery prices rising 12% and menu prices jumping 8.5%, not adjusted for seasonal swings, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Tuesday. In that same period, overall inflation rose 7.1%. Food prices are … Read more

5 Ways to Manage Inflation on the Farm | Dairy News

NEW HOLLAND, PA. — The cost of seemingly everything farmers have to buy — feed, fuel, chemicals — has gone up in the past year. That inflation can stress farmers’ finances, even if they have benefited from increased prices for the milk and grain they produce. To save money and fight inflation, dairy farmers can … Read more

Food4Kids sees ‘largest number of requests ever’ amid rising inflation, food prices – Hamilton

A Hamilton food relief program for kids says it’s had to implement a triage system amid the recent rise in food prices and food insecurity. Food4Kids, which delivers healthy food to an estimated 1,400 elementary and secondary school students at 75 schools in the city every week, says the initiative is currently focusing on youth … Read more

Inflation surprisingly eases last month as supply bottlenecks clear

Inflation eased slightly last month, according to new monthly Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures, however both businesses and economists say it may not have peaked just yet. Key points: The headline annual inflation rate eased from 7.3 per cent in September to 6.9 per cent in October Economists say inflation may be nearing a … Read more

Consumers turn to mass club as they seek lower grocery prices amid rising inflation

With inflation driving up the price of all foods and beverages a staggering 28.8% in October 2022 vs October 2019, 80% of consumers reported shopping for groceries differently, according to the data published earlier this month. While the most popular money-saving measures include looking for sales and deals more often, a strategy employed by 55% … Read more

Grocery store prices are a little crazy ahead of the holidays

SUFFOLK, Va. — Some shoppers told News 3 they’re feeling the strain on their wallets ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. As customers ring up their meal items, they’ll likely see higher totals on their receipts. “It’s a little crazy and we probably spent double than what we did last year,” said Nicole Copeland who was … Read more

Trimming the fat: inflation finally hitting profit margins

Corporate profits have withstood raging inflation over much of the last year, but those good times may be ending. Profits stayed fat even as companies’ costs rose thanks to one simple trick: Businesses boosted the prices they charged customers by more than their own costs rose. Now, though, more companies are seeing their costs rise … Read more