Kate Winslet Talks ‘Titanic’ Fat Shaming

Kate Winslet attends the Avatar: The Way Of Water World Premiere at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on December 06, 2022 in LondonPhoto: Samir Hussein/WireImage (GettyImages) On the occasion of her latest collaboration with director James Cameron, Avatar: The Way of Water (which, to no one’s surprise opened at No. 1 at the weekend box office), … Read more

Dairy farms disappearing in Cleveland County

CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC — Standing in a field surrounded by dairy cows was not the way Christy Underwood imagined her life would go. What you need to know According to the Cleveland County Cooperative Extension, the county was once home to 150 dairy farms, but today only three are left. One reason for the reduction … Read more

Albion dairy farm using technology to increase efficiency

ALBION, NY — In recent years, new tools have made work a little easier for farmers in New York. Things like robots, temperature sensors and GPS technology. These advancements have made work more efficient, environmentally safe and even consumer friendly. For example, farmers no longer have to apply water, fertilizers and pesticides across entire fields. … Read more

I only eat meat — I lost 30 pounds and now have clear skin

A self-proclaimed “yo-yo dieter” turn “carnivore” is going viral for her proudly anti-vegan diet. A woman is claiming she lost 30 pounds from just eating an all-meat diet — forget about fruits and vegetables — and racking up millions of views in the process. TikTok sensation Courtney Luna, 38, spent years chasing fast diets before … Read more

Tom Brady’s Bread Sells Like (Carb-Free) Hotcakes on Amazon

When you think of classic white sandwich bread, which brands immediately comes to mind? For me, it’s either Wonder Bread or Butternut, both of which are perfectly suited to a deli meat sandwich and a grilled cheese. But Food Business News reports that the current top-selling white sandwich bread on Amazon is far from the … Read more

AK Mulford on Plus-Sized Characters in Fantasy

We’re not used to reading about bigger bodies that are lovable and heroic—let alone desirable. I’ve had people tell me that a plus size character is “unrealistic.” Really? You believe in fae and monsters and magicbut not a fat main character? Every day in my “real life,” stunning people of all sizes make my heart … Read more

Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Pub Burger Returns, Ready to Disappoint

Photo: Danny Palumbo It’s back! So says the text on one of my favorite pieces of art from my pal Ramin Nazir. The poster Features a towering, cartoonishly hand-drawn burger full of various fast food items and miscellany—pizza slicesOld ribs, a car, a shoe, the Monopoly guy (who is clearly dead), medicine, and an entire … Read more