What Is It & How To Get Rid Of It?

The term ‘skinny fat’ seems like an oxymoron – how can a person be fat and skinny at the same time? However, people belonging to this category are extremely common. Skinny Fat: What Is It Skinny fat can be defined as having normal body weight and BMI while being metabolically obese. Individuals belonging to this … Read more

Does Lifting Weight Burn Fat?

It’s a common question for every newbie at the gym. No worries, you have come to the right place. If you’re looking to burn fat and lose weight, the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is that burning fat depends on the number of calories you’re consuming and calories you’re burning. … Read more

Easy Diet and Exercise Tips to Lose Face Fat

There is nothing that makes you appear more attractive than losing face fat and revealing your jawline. While people are blessed with different facial structures from birth, it’s possible to modify and make the best of what you’ve got. In this article, we will go through the best and easiest way to lose face fat … Read more

5 Power-Boosting Kettlebell Exercises to Burn Fat

Kettlebell exercises have been the preferred way to improve fitness for a while, especially when it comes to losing weight. Kettlebell exercises provide a full body workout along with providing a multitude of benefits, including improved mobility, better power, increased strength, blasting calories, and more. Fat-burning Kettlebell Exercises Here, we have created a list of … Read more

How to Burn Belly Fat in Just 3 Weeks by Running?

If you’re trying to lose weight, you might wonder whether running is the solution for you. Many people start running to help them lose weight. You can expect to burn calories and excess body fat with a smart running programme. If you want to lose weight with a three-week running plan, though, there are other … Read more

6 Fat Loss Exercises for Women That Do Not Require Weight

For the majority of individuals, fat loss exercises mean going to the gym, spending hours on a cardio machine, and/or doing a lot of weightlifting. You can burn calories, drop pounds, and build strength in different ways, despite popular belief. In actuality, you already meet the two basic prerequisites to do that. Both your body … Read more

5 Exercises to Do At Gym

Losing abdominal fat is tough. If you’re looking to shed the layer of belly fat that sits just under your skin, you will need to exercise regularly and follow a high-protein diet. However, if you’re ready to commit to shedding those stubborn pounds and getting in shape once and for all, read on to know … Read more

6 Best Weight Lifting Exercises to Get Rid of Arm Fat

Flabby arms are a common problem for many, especially women. Fat accumulation in the arms and around the armpits not only looks unattractive but also affects the overall functioning of the upper body. The good news is that weight lifting exercises can help burn arm fat and give the upper body a well-toned and lean … Read more

6 Thigh Fat Loss Exercises That Work for All Ages and Fitness Levels

Thigh fat can be extremely frustrating and difficult to get rid of. Women, especially, tend to gain weight in their hips and thighs very easily. The major causes of thigh fat are sedentary occupations, genetics, diet, and stress. It’s impossible to reduce thigh fat separately, as fat loss occurs from all over the body. While … Read more

6 exercises to lose belly fat fast

Losing belly fat not only makes you look younger, but also protects you against several chronic diseases, such as obesity, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes. Therefore, your priority should be to lose belly fat quickly if you have been eating heartily. Here is a list of the six best and most amazing exercises that can be … Read more