Royal DSM launches next gen ‘free from’ plant protein

Aligned with the growing demand for delicious, nutritional and sustainable plant-based baked goods and snacks, DSM has created Vertis CanolaPRO, a complete, high quality canola protein isolate that is free from all major allergens. The product is the result of more than 10 years of research and development at DSM to unlock healthy protein from … Read more

Entact Bio Emerges With $81M to Play Matchmaker to Protein-Enhancing Drugs

Small molecules are a mainstay of drug therapy, many of them work by targeting a protein and blocking it. A newer but still experimental approach leads to the degradation of disease-causing proteins. Research has revealed new insights into the ways proteins can be regulated and Entact Bio is building on that science to expand what … Read more

Acrivon Nets $100M for Protein Tech That Picks Patients for Targeted Cancer Meds

For targeted cancer therapy to work, it’s not enough to identify the right targets to hit with a drug. Just as important is selecting the patients appropriate for a given therapy. Scientists at Acrivon Therapeutics say their approach brings advantages over genetic-based patient selection. The Acrivon technology is approaching its first tests in humans with … Read more

With Secreted Proteins Map, Juvena Finds Path to $41M for New Regenerative Meds

Juvena Therapeutics co-founders Jeremy O’Connell, chief scientific officer (left), and CEO Hanadie Yousef. Many drugs work by targeting proteins. Biologic medicines showed that proteins can be made into therapies too—in some cases using proteins from the body. Juvena Therapeutics works with a type of protein from the body that can spark regenerative effects. Now the … Read more

FDA authorizes Novavax’s Covid-19 booster, a first for a protein-based vaccine

Those of you who, for various reasons, have yet to get a Covid-19 booster shot now have an option that’s not a messenger RNA vaccine. The FDA on Wednesday authorized Novavax’s vaccine as a first booster shot. The regulatory decision covers those 18 and older who don’t have access to an authorized bivalent mRNA booster … Read more