Five Cheesy Party Snacks You Can Make With Two Ingredients (or Fewer)

Photo: Claire Lower Cheese is crowdpleaser—a perfect product that can be sliced, melted, or otherwise manipulated into something that is a little more involved, like a dip or a cheeseball. Because it’s so good in its own right, it doesn’t need a ton of futzing. You can turn a log of goat cheese or a … Read more

How to Make a Delicious Pasta-Free Lasagna

Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann Lasagna is already delicious, but maybe you’re looking to sneak in more protein and reduce some carbs, maybe digestive sensitivities stop you from pasta loving the way you want, or maybe the grocery store ran out again. Regardless, you’re here hankering for lasagna, so instead of forgoing the dish entirely, make … Read more

Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Pub Burger Returns, Ready to Disappoint

Photo: Danny Palumbo It’s back! So says the text on one of my favorite pieces of art from my pal Ramin Nazir. The poster Features a towering, cartoonishly hand-drawn burger full of various fast food items and miscellany—pizza slicesOld ribs, a car, a shoe, the Monopoly guy (who is clearly dead), medicine, and an entire … Read more