Slideshow: Dairy innovations seek to reach more consumers

KANSAS CITY — With 2023 around the corner, companies are predicting the tastes and trends that will rule the upcoming year. Predicted trends for 2023 include consumers who are moving beyond the pandemic and are determined to take control of their health and enhance the health of the planet, all while allowing for comfort, self-care … Read more

Major dairy ingredient supplier to be acquired

LOS ANGELES — Butterfly, a Los Angeles-based private equity firm, has reached an agreement under which it will acquire Milk Specialties Global, a vertically integrated producer of dairy products. Butterfly, which focuses on the food business, is acquiring Milk Specialties from American Securities LLC, a private equity firm that has owned the dairy business since … Read more

The future of fats and oils

CHICAGO—It was Jan. 4, 1989, when The Keebler Co. announced it would eliminate saturated fatty acid-rich tropical oils derived from coconut and palm, as well as lard, from its cookies, crackers and snack foods. Other companies followed in an effort to make the products more heart healthy. The irony is that the fats were replaced … Read more

Special report: Mycelium takes root in food innovation

KANSAS CITY — Applications for mycelium are mushrooming across the food and beverage landscape. The root structure of fungi is gaining momentum as a high-protein ingredient in meat alternatives, animal-free dairy products and more. Mycelial fermentation is also serving as a processing tool and production vehicle, offering solutions to a growing number of formula challenges. … Read more

Bel adds more alternative dairy products to portfolio

CHICAGO – The Bel Group and Bel Brands USA announced Dec. 8 the launch of two new alternative dairy options: Nurishh animal-free cream cheese spread and The Laughing Cow Plant-Based. Bel created its Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese Spread Alternative in collaboration with Perfect Day, Berkeley, Calif., which developed a precision-fermented protein for … Read more

Fi Innovation Awards spotlight sensorial creations, plant-based specialties and new processing techniques

07 Dec 2022 — A cohort of new food technologies, highly functional health ingredients, emergent sensory sciences and unique manufacturing processes are taking center stage at the Fi Innovation Awards, hosted in Paris, France this week, as part of the ongoing Fi Europe 2022 expo. FoodIngredientsFirst He is reporting live from the show floor and … Read more

DSM launches textured vegetable protein that “replicates meat”

05 Dec 2022 — DSM has unveiled Vertis Textured Pea Canola Protein, which the company believes can overcome a significant gap in plant-based nutrition. The ingredient is the only textured vegetable protein with the necessary levels of all nine essential amino acids to be a complete protein, has unique textural benefits and is soy-free, gluten-free … Read more

Maple Leaf hit hard by meat, plant-based market dynamics

TORONTO — A confluence of challenged events Maple Leaf Foods, Inc. during the third quarter of fiscal 2022, ended Sept. 30. Management sought to satisfy investors that the issues are transitory and short-term during a Nov. 8 conference call to discuss the results. “We hope that you take away a very clear and identifiable understanding … Read more

Clean label sprinkle company unveils three B2B partnerships

NEW YORK — Woman-owned clean label sprinkle and confectionery company Supernatural has entered new B2B partnerships with Milk Bar, King Arthur Baking and SnackConscious. Supernatural products are made using vegan, RSPO certified and plant-based ingredients, all of which are fully traceable. The company is on track to have 100% of its portfolio manufactured in the … Read more

Hero loaf tops Amazon as bestselling sliced ​​bread

SAN FRANCISCO — Following the expanded distribution of its Hero Bread sandwich rolls through Subway franchises nationwide this summer, Hero Labs, Inc. introduced four products in September through e-commerce giant — Hero Classic White Bread, Hero Flour Tortillas, Hero Classic Hot Dog Buns and Hero Classic Burger Buns. For the past three weeks, Hero … Read more