Australian Economy Suffers $5 Billion Loss from Extreme Floods in 2022

Floods and other natural disasters brought significant financial damage to Australia and affected the lives of nearly 70 percent of the population in 2022. The Treasury has estimated that last year, the Australian economy lost $5 billion (US$3.49 billion), or 0.25 percent of real GDP, due to reduced activities in the mining, agriculture, accommodation and … Read more

Fruit and vegetable price hikes a struggle for shoppers wanting to support local farmers

Australians are lucky to enjoy a never-ending summer of fruit and vegetable supply because there is always a ripening season somewhere in this huge country. But strain on farmers from a sequence of natural disasters is evident, with supermarkets apologising for a lack of some fresh and frozen products. Coles and Woolworths are placing signage … Read more

Food prices spiral out of citizens’ reach in Bhakkar

BHAKKAR: Inflation in Bhakkar has spiraled out of control, pushing vegetables and fruits out of the reach of the common man. According to the traders, due to the havoc of floods in Sindh and Balochistan provinces, the availability of seasonal vegetables got badly affected, and in the areas where these vegetables remained safe, their prices … Read more