Edible food coatings, sustainable vanilla, microalgae proteins and upcycled alt-milk

14 Dec 2022 — Creating sustainable food production systems and environmentally-friendly products and F&B solutions hinges on green advancements in food science. Industry’s cohort of next-generation technologies featured prominently at the recent Food ingredients Europe (FiE 2022) event, held in Paris, France. Each year, the Startup Innovation Challenge 2022 shines a spotlight on companies breaking … Read more

Novel plant-based sources come to the fore as some steer away from soy

14 Dec 2022 — Faced with a myriad of intertwined trends, preferences and macro influences, food brands will need to be flexible, forward-thinking, agile and fast-moving to continue to advance in the alternative protein sector. Industry suppliers are now observing signs of cessation in the sector’s sales growth, after enjoying ample consumer interest throughout recent … Read more