5 nutrition hacks for busy people: Simple and effective ways to stay on track | Health

“Eating healthy can be a challenge when you’re always on the go. From long work hours to busy personal lives, it can be difficult to find the time to prepare nutritious meals. But don’t let a busy schedule prevent you from reaching your nutrition goals.When our days are overbooked, we invariably have less time for … Read more

Food can impact your mood; Here are the three states of mind and the diets that promote them

Food is known to affect our mood and how we feel; which is probably why “a man proposes with a box of chocolates along with other gifts, instead of a box of onions,” Dr Dimple Jangda, an Ayurveda expert, pointed out on Instagram. As such, are there any specific foods that are known to make … Read more

Mediterranean diet may help lower risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes

Share on PinterestA new study suggests adhering to a Mediterranean diet during early pregnancy may lower the risk of adverse outcomes, especially for people over 35. Anna Malgina/Stocksy The Mediterranean diet consists of minimally processed foods, including fruits, vegetables, poultry, and fish. A recent study found that adhering to a Mediterranean diet during early pregnancy … Read more

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Extend your life with these New Year’s resolutions

CNN — Looking for New Year’s resolutions that can extend your life? Master these three science-based healthy habits during 2023, and you’ll reduce stress, improve your sleep, raise your immunity, lower inflammation, increase muscle strength and mobility, boost your brain power and mood, battle disease and more — all keys to a long, happy life. … Read more

Hydration is key!

Healthy ways to stay hydrated if you don’t like it drinking plain water Water is an essential nutrient. Our body cannot produce sufficient water to live, so we need to consume water through food and fluids to survive. Maintaining hydration is one of the most fundamental components of good health. But lots of people don’t … Read more

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Nutrition: Realistic decisions for a healthier 2023

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The benefits of healthy fats

IntroductionTypes of fatsBenefits of unsaturated fatsOmega-3 fatty acidsSaturated fatsTrans fatsReferencesFurther reading We consume different types of fat through different types of foods. Some are harmful, and some are necessary for a healthy life. Image Credit: Prostock-studio/Shutterstock Types of fats Unsaturated fats: Unsaturated fats are considered to be healthy fats. These have various benefits, such as … Read more