How Much Weight Loss Per Month Is Safe?

By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter (HealthDay) THURSDAY, Jan. 12, 2023 (HealthDay News) — So, after a month of holiday eating, your pants are too tight and you’re desperate to lose the extra weight as quickly as possible, but how much can you lose in a month? Experts say there is no quick way to shed … Read more

Extend your life with these New Year’s resolutions

CNN — Looking for New Year’s resolutions that can extend your life? Master these three science-based healthy habits during 2023, and you’ll reduce stress, improve your sleep, raise your immunity, lower inflammation, increase muscle strength and mobility, boost your brain power and mood, battle disease and more — all keys to a long, happy life. … Read more

Improve memory as you age by eating more flavonols, study says

Editor’s Note: Sign up for CNN’s Eat, But Better: Mediterranean Style. Our eight-part guide shows you a delicious expert-backed eating lifestyle that will boost your health for life. CNN — Eating more flavonols, antioxidants found in many vegetables, fruits, tea and wine, may slow your rate of memory loss, a new study finds. The cognitive … Read more

Why Your Healthy New Diet Is Making You Constipated

You resolved to clean up your eating act, and started to adopt a healthier diet. Maybe you broke up with sugar and gave up red meat. Maybe you started eating more salads. Maybe you adopted a full-on keto diet or a similar strict, low-carb eating plan. (Getty Images) Or perhaps you eliminated grains, legumes, dairy … Read more

Holiday Dinner Ingredient Swaps That Work

By Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter (HealthDay) WEDNESDAY, NOV. 23, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Holiday meals offer an opportunity to indulge in some favorite foods. Now for those who want to enjoy healthier versions of these holiday treats, a registered dietitian from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston offers some easy suggestions. Veggies can help with … Read more

Prehistoric humans were surprisingly creative cooks

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN — Stone Age cooks were surprisingly sophisticated, combining an array of ingredients and using different techniques to prepare and flavor their meals, analysis of some of the earliest charred food remains has suggested. Plant … Read more

Plant milks or dairy: What’s better for you and planet Earth?

Editor’s Note: Sign up for CNN’s Life, But Greener newsletter. Our limited newsletter series guides you on how to minimize your personal role in the climate crisis — and reduce your eco-anxiety. CNN — When it comes to which milk is better for the planet — dairy or plant-based — environmentalists will say there’s no … Read more

Healthy Dining Is Healthy for the Planet, Too

By Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter (HealthDay) MONDAY, Nov. 14, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Plant-based diets can be better for the environment, but they’re not all created equally, new research shows. The best type of plant-based diet for health and Environmental benefits are those higher in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, vegetable oils and tea/coffee. … Read more

Appetite rises and fat burn slows if you eat later in day, study finds

CNN — We all know that eating later in the day isn’t good for our waistlines, but why? A new study weighed in on that question by comparing people who ate the same foods – but at different times in the day. “Does the time that we eat matter when everything else is kept consistent?” … Read more

Dirty Dozen 2022: Produce with the most and least pesticides

CNN — Strawberries and spinach continue to top the annual list of the “Dirty Dozen” fruits and veggies that contain the highest levels of pesticides, followed by three greens – kale, collard and mustard – nectarines, apples, grapes, and bell and hot peppers, according to the Environmental Working Group’s 2022 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in … Read more