Soondubu Jjigae, the Most Fiery Comfort Food You’ll Ever Eat

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Weight Loss Ragi Recipes | Protein Rich Ragi Recipes

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World cuisines can inspire vegan cooking

World food can be great inspiration for vegan cooking, providing plant-based dishes without sacrificing flavour. Here are the cuisines with the best vegan food ideas Peter Okwoche looks unconvinced. With vegan Nigerian dishes spread out in front of him at the studios of the BBC World Service’s Focus on Africa programme – including mosa (a … Read more

Is Cereal Soup? Let’s look at the evidence

Photo: Linda Studley (Shutterstock) We have bravely asked many notable public figures if a hot dog is a sandwichand by and large, we have come up with the answer: No(?), a hot dog is not(?) a sandwich (probably). The question will forever remain in contention as compelling counterarguments are made for its sandwich-ness. But the … Read more