Methane-busting bolus for grass-fed cows may reduce emissions by at least 70%

The technology, which involves placing a bolus into cow’s rumen and releasing a substance that counteracts the formation of methane, has received backing by the government in the form of a NZ$7.8m grant. Private investors as well as we organizations including the Akina Foundation, Agmart and the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Center have … Read more

Overcapacity plagues China’s dairy sector as demand dumps

China’s dairy industry is facing an overproduction issue due to weak consumer demand, as agricultural authorities chip in to ramp up subsidies and tackle the looming crisis. Dairy farmers in multiple provinces — including Hebei, Inner Mongolia, and Shandong — are experiencing difficulties in selling fresh milk and are facing losses amid low selling prices, … Read more

Gujarat’s model dairy industry once gave the nation Amul – but today it is struggling to survive

This article is part of a special scroll reporting project: Gujarat’s ‘dhandho’ elections, exploring the state’s complex relationship between business and politics as it heads into elections. To contribute to our reportage, click here. The frown on Raiben Patel’s face made it clear that her patience was running thin as her husband Amrutbhai Patel spoke … Read more

Higher CO2 Levels Could Result In Crops Having At Least 20% Less Protein

JAENSCHWALDE, GERMANY – AUGUST 20: Steam rises from cooling towers at the Jaenschwalde coal-fired … [+] power plant on August 20, 2010 at Jaenschwalde, Germany. The Jaenschwalde power plant is one of the biggest single producers of CO2 gas in Europe. The area of ​​northern Saxony and southern Brandenburg is scarred with active and former … Read more

Plant milks or dairy: What’s better for you and planet Earth?

Editor’s Note: Sign up for CNN’s Life, But Greener newsletter. Our limited newsletter series guides you on how to minimize your personal role in the climate crisis — and reduce your eco-anxiety. CNN — When it comes to which milk is better for the planet — dairy or plant-based — environmentalists will say there’s no … Read more

The company making steaks out of thin air

CNN — It was space travel that inspired scientist Lisa Dyson to create an unusual climate solution: protein made from air, which can be grown inside a tank instead of using up valuable land. Dyson is the founder of Air Protein, a California-based startup that is harnessing cutting-edge technology to create a meat alternative called … Read more

Could animal-free ‘dairy’ offer a sustainable alternative to milk and cheese? – The Irish Times

Less than 30 years ago a technology company was the fifth biggest brand in the world. It commanded two-thirds of the global market, employed tens of thousands of people and was valued at more than €31 billion. It seemed untouchable. But the Kodak Film company filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Film faded “like an old … Read more

Fair to Nature certification opens to dairy farmers

The urgency to introduce sustainable practices on dairy farms has never been greater than in recent years, and with COP27 currently underway, there’s plenty of talk about climate change and the impact of agriculture. Dairy producers have been adopting climate roadmaps and pledging net-zero commitments of various types, but alongside climate mitigation practices, more awareness … Read more

Child labor, farmer income and deforestation are key cocoa production concerns, flags Cargill research

01 Nov 2022 — Research from Cargill is unraveling consumer attitudes toward sustainable cocoa, underscoring the growing significance of cocoa’s environmental impacts and link to human rights. Driven by a desire to protect people and the planet, Cargill’s consumer study sheds light on European shoppers’ biggest concerns related to cocoa production. Protecting children and mitigating … Read more

A new Halloween candy has a sweet solution for food waste

CNN — The end of October is a sugar avalanche as kids don their Halloween costumes and snag as many sticky sweets as they can. But the prospect of collecting and eating a whole trick-or-treat bag of candy gets a little scary when you think about the impact. Not only are most Halloween favorites not … Read more