Methane-busting bolus for grass-fed cows may reduce emissions by at least 70%

The technology, which involves placing a bolus into cow’s rumen and releasing a substance that counteracts the formation of methane, has received backing by the government in the form of a NZ$7.8m grant. Private investors as well as we organizations including the Akina Foundation, Agmart and the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Center have … Read more

Rabobank shares global animal protein production outlook for 2023

UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS – With modest growth projected for meat worldwide, Rabobank and Rabo AgriFinance shared their latest Global Animal Protein Outlook for 2023. In the analysis, the group stated that the industry would continue to face high costs in the supply chain along with much variability in consumption habits. However, global production should rise again … Read more

Four States Livestock 7/12/22 | Dairy Market Reports

Wednesday Sale Hagerstown, Md. Dec. 7, 2022 Report Supplied by Auction Prices per cwt except where noted. SLAUGHTER COWS: (82 head) Fleshy Beef: 1400-2000 lbs 68.00-74.00; Breakers: Avg dress 61.00-69.00, High dress up to 74.00; Boners: Avg dress: 59.00-67.00, High dress up to 70.00; Lean: Avg dress 50.00-60.00. BULLS: (7 head) High Dress 1400-2000 lbs … Read more

Enjoy holiday treats with moderation in mind

I had the opportunity to take part in a holiday tradition in another state. All the downtown stores with many locally made products stayed open late. They had special sales to launch the holiday season. I was looking forward to the evening. The stores offered treats including cookies, candy, cocoa and apple cider. As fate … Read more

“A Stroke Of Serendipity” – A Technology Developed For The Bioethanol Industry Has Economic And Environmental Benefits For Beef And Dairy Production

A no-till corn field getty Most of the corn grown in the US has been improved using biotechnology to provide protection from insect damage and/or herbicide tolerance. The insect resistance trait has the additional benefit of reducing mycotoxin contamination of the grain, and herbicide tolerance trait has been instrumental in expanding the use of no-till … Read more

3D cultivation tech leveraged to produce cell-based beef and pork fat, cost effectively

The plant-based meat category has exploded in recent years. Grand View Research valued the global market at $5.6bn in 2021 and expects it to expand at a very healthy CAGR of 19.3% through to 2030. At the same time, global meat consumption is growing steadily and is expected to double by 2050. This suggests the … Read more

Global Beef Fat Market to Reach $127.7 Billion by 2031: Allied Market Research

Rise in per capita income and increase in consumption of animal fats to embellish the global beef fat market trends. Massive application of beef fat in biodiesel, oleochemicals, and animal feed will open new growth avenues for the global market. Based on region, the market across the North American region held the major market share … Read more

Buffalo meat is high in protein and an alternative to beef

It’s no secret that Australia’s preferred meat coming from cow, but with beef becoming increasingly a costly, butchers consumers to branch out and try alternative meats. If you are feeling the sting of current meat prices and demand, buffalo is a great substitute. The meat is similar to beef. It is lean, high in protein … Read more