UC San Diego researchers rewrite the textbook on gene regulation

A fundamental principle of molecular biology governs how proteins are made within the cell, which happens in two stages called transcription and translation. During transcription, information stored in DNA is copied into messenger RNA (mRNA). Then during translation, the ribosomes assemble proteins of one amino acid at a time based on the instruction specified on … Read more

Royal DSM launches next gen ‘free from’ plant protein

Aligned with the growing demand for delicious, nutritional and sustainable plant-based baked goods and snacks, DSM has created Vertis CanolaPRO, a complete, high quality canola protein isolate that is free from all major allergens. The product is the result of more than 10 years of research and development at DSM to unlock healthy protein from … Read more

BC30 boosts amino acid absorption from plant protein concentrate: Study

Weizmannia coagulansGBI-30, 6086 (BC30, formerly classified as Bacillus coagulans​) has been reported to produce digestive enzymes (proteases) that can digest proteins more efficiently than the endogenous human proteases alone. New data from scientists from Lindenwood University and Increnovo report that combining BC30 supplements with rice and pea protein concentrates led to significantly greater levels of … Read more

New guidelines for designing synthetic molecules that block interaction between two proteins

Inside cells, proteins constantly interact with each other to carry out different functions. For some diseases in which these functions are altered, blocking the binding between two or more proteins emerges as a possible therapeutic approach. Scientists led by ICREA researcher Dr. Xavier Salvatella at IRB Barcelona has published guidelines for designing synthetic molecules that … Read more

Protein Content in an Optimal Diet

In a new study published in Nature Communicationsresearchers have designed guidelines for dietary amino acid consumption for optimal health [1]. Protein matters Diet is an important component of a healthy lifestyle and is believed to play a major role in health and longevity. It is also one of the most discussed topics among wellness enthusiasts, … Read more


Dear Doctors: What does it mean when something is a “complete protein”? A friend said that when I count beans or grains as a protein, it’s not the same nutritional value as meat or cheese. Are there really different kinds of protein? Is he right that it matters which kind of protein you eat? Dear … Read more

Study indicates that the major determinants of SARS-CoV-2 pathogenicity reside outside of the spike protein

In a recent study posted to the bioRxiv* server, researchers at Boston University made a chimeric recombinant severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) encoding the spike(S) glycoprotein gene of Omicron in the backbone of an ancestral SARS-CoV-2 isolate. Study: Role of spike in the pathogenic and antigenic behavior of SARS-CoV-2 BA.1 Omicron. Image Credit: … Read more