Qatar Airways Ordered To Pay ‘Too Fat’ Passenger’s Psychotherapy Bill By Woke Judge – OutKick

The belligerent fat Brazilian airlines passenger who was told she’s too porky for the coach is back in the news after some woke judge ordered Qatar Airways to pay the woman’s psychotherapy bill.

The plus-plus-plus-sized Instagram model, Juliana Nehme, blew a gasket back in November after Qatar Airways had the nerve to tell her to buy a first-class ticket where she’d have more room for her huge badonk for a ride from Beirut to Doha. She said that was fat shaming and took to social media where she cried about how rude it was to be called too fat for coach. Meanwhile, Juliana’s over on Instagram flaunting her massive frame and crushing banana splits.

“It was like I wasn’t a human being to them,” the plus-plus-plus-size Brazilian Instagram model said of her experience being called “too fat” for coach by Qatar Airways. / Instagram

Enter a woke Brazilian judge who has ordered the airline to bend a knee and pay up so Juliana can process the allegation distress she went through by being called too fat for coach.

Remember, Juliana has made her career being fat. Then she’s claiming emotional distress when she’s called “too fat.”

Judge Renata Martins de Carvalho ruled December 20 that the airline is to pay Juliana’s psychiatrist bill which will be weekly “worth $78 for a period of at least one year, totaling $3,718 to be deposited in the plantiff’s bank account.”

The judge noted in the decision that the “granting of urgent relief is a reasonable and proportionate measure to ensure that the stressful and traumatic event is overcome.”

Now, Qatar Airways and Qatar, in general, can prove that the Middle East hasn’t gone woke by countersuing this maniac traveler straight into the ground. Under no circumstances should Qatar Airways deposit a single dollar into this maniac’s bank account.

It was like I wasn’t a human being to them. I was a fat monster that couldn’t get on board,” Juliana cried to the Brazilian media after eventually returning home.

It was horrible. I’d never imagined going through something like this, ever.

“It hurts me now to remember how much I blamed myself because I blamed myself a lot, I even asked my mother for forgiveness several times.”

Remember, the airline just told her to buy a first-class ticket. They didn’t say she couldn’t fly Qatar Airways. They just said, in no certain terms, that they weren’t going to punish the passenger next to Juliana because she couldn’t stop crushing banana splits.

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