Prince Andrew donates leftover fruit and vegetables from garden to local foodbanks

It’s been helping struggling families

Prince Andrew is donating leftover fruit and vegetables from the garden on his estate to struggling families.

The produce from Windsor’s Royal Lodge, the home the Duke of York, 62, shares with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, 63, reportedly gets delivered to local charity Windsor Foodshare.

A royal source told The Mirror that their gardener Kevin takes their spare veg to a local church weekly.

The source said: “Sarah calls it their “magic garden” and has been encouraging Kevin constantly. So much has been produced that every week there is spare for the needy.

“Kevin takes the surplus to a local church where a charity puts it in a trolley and takes it inside and volunteers prepare all the weekly donations into boxes for collection.”

Prince with the late Queen Elizabeth (Getty)

Families get a voucher to pick up a weekly box of produce from the charity, which donates over 2,500 items a week.

A post on the Windsor Foodshare Facebook page said fruit and veg was important to the charity as they were one of the only food banks who supply the healthy produce to struggling families.

It read: “CAN YOU HELP US TO KEEP SUPPLYING FRUIT AND VEGETABLES? One of our biggest expenses at Windsor Foodshare is buying in fruit and vegetables weekly.

“We try and make sure that everyone that visits gets a good selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. It is so important for peoples health, especially the children.”

Sarah and Andrew currently live in the same residence together despite having divorced in 1996 (Picture: Getty Images)

“With the cost of living going up farmers and suppliers costs are also going up which inturn passes on to us. Stopping buying fruit and veg is not something we even want to contemplate. We are one of very few foodbanks that are able to supply fruit and vegetables.

“This week we fed 126 people. With the cost of our fruit and veg from our supplier we spent £3.52 per person this week, so £14.08 per month per person.

“We are hoping to find donors who would like to sponsor a person or even a family each month. If you or a company you work for would like to get involved we would be very grateful for your help.

“We have several ways to donate money either by a bank transfer or just giving. Both of these options can be set up for recurring payments. Please put your reference as fruit and veg. All payment information can be found in our website under donations. “

Sarah and Andrew currently live in the same residence together despite having divorced in 1996.

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