Philippines to ban all prepackaged processed foods with high trans-fat levels by 2023

In 2021 the Philippines laid out guidelines to prohibit the presence of partially-hydrogenated oils (PHOs) within the food supply, whether these are in edible oils and fats or used in the preparation of processed food products.

This has now been expanded to include more guidelines for trans-fatty acids (TFAs) or trans-fats, specifically industrially-produced TFAs (artificial trans fat developed via the partial hydrogenation of oils).

“Studies have consistently shown that there is no safe level of TFA consumption and its intake ha no health benefit, [and] With neighboring countries implementing bans on PHOs and mandatory setting limits on TFA content in food, the Philippines is vulnerable to dumping of TFA-rich food products in the absence of similar regulations,”​ the Philippines Food and Drug Authority (FDA) said via a formal statement.

“[As such, in addition to products containing PHOs]all prepackaged processed foods that contain industrially-produced TFA concentrations of more than 2g per 100g or 100ml total fat are prohibited from importation, local manufacture, distribution, use and sale.

“All applications for any prepackaged processed food product containing TFA and PHO must include technical specifications of raw materials and the processing of these, as well as recent (within 12 months) certificates of analysis of the finished product from an FDA or Philippine Accreditation Board/ Office accredited laboratory that reflects the TFA content per 100g or 100ml total fat.”


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