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If you want to start growing onions, you will be confronted with two options. Do you grow them by using onion seeds or onion sets? It is beneficial to understand the differences involved in growing onions in each of these ways. Both offer their own pros and cons to the home grower and one may be more suited to your garden, your budget, or what you want from your onion harvest.

Even if you are an experienced hand at growing onions, it could help to consider trying things a bit differently. Whether through mere curiosity or striving to grow bigger onions, there are new techniques to try.

From a personal perspective, I have grown different varieties of onions for several years. The locations and final goals for these have ranged from cultivating them on an allotment for personal use to growing them in a productive walled garden in large numbers to be used by chefs. I have used both onion seeds and onion sets over the years and found that each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Onions are a common sight growing in vegetable gardens

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Drew Swainston

Drew is a former professional gardener who specializes in growing vegetables and fruits. He worked in kitchen gardens for the National Trust in the UK for several years and then ran a productive walled garden growing vegetables, fruit, herbs, microgreens, and flowers for a high-caliber restaurant in England.

Onion seeds vs onion sets – breaking down the facts

Both of these methods of growing onions are tried and trusted and have proven successful for growers for many years. It is important to really understand the two techniques, in terms of what each entails, how you use them, and what benefits and drawbacks they offer for your kitchen garden.

A row of freshly lifted onions

Onions usually take around five months growing outdoors to reach full size

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Sowing onion seeds = more options and bigger bulbs

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