The Cart set to re-open elsewhere in Hanoi


The Cart in Nghi Tam (Tay Ho) closed its doors today for the final time.

However, the good news is, The Cart will re-open Monday, April 3rd across town at 153 VOV Condo Complex, Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem District.

You can see the new location here.

By The Cart

Cart closed Monday as Trang gets married!


The Cart’s co-owner Trang is getting married on Monday July 21st.

As a result The Cart will be closed all day so all staff are able to attend.  No deliveries will take place that day either.

The Cart will re open on Tuesday, July 22nd as usual.

Good luck to Trang and Phong on their special day.

By The Cart

Delivery charge changes

From June 5, 2014 we will be applying the following delivery charges:

  • Within 3km of The Cart in Nghi Tam Village –  free delivery  – minimum order 100,000 VND
  • From 3km to 5km of The Cart in Nghi Tam Village – minimum order 100,000VND with a 20,000 VND delivery fee.
  • Over 5km of The Cart in Nghi Tam Village – minimum order is 200,000 VND with a 20,000 VND delivery free.

It continues to be cheaper and faster to order direct by phone to The Cart rather than online.

By The Cart

The Cart Tho Xuong – now closed permanently

We have taken the decision to close our in-town Tho Xuong branch and we’ll be concentrating our efforts instead on our Nghi Tam outlet.

In terms of deliveries – Nghi Tam will now cover all its usual Westlake area plus the delivery area of the former Tho Xuong branch.

If you are used to called Tho Xuong for an order you can now call Nghi Tam instead (04) 37186967

Apologies for any inconvenience.



By The Cart

Weekend Closed

Due to family commitments The Cart in Tho Xuong will be closed Saturday April 12th and Sunday April 13th.  It will re-open usual on Monday 14th.  The Cart Nghi Tam will continue to open normal hours. 

By The Cart

Price Rises from March 2014

piesquareDespite pretty hefty inflation here in Vietnam over the last couple of years – we’ve avoided any price rises since April 2012 as we’ve always tried to keep our food affordable – especially with those people in mind who ring us day-in day-out to deliver their lunch.

While, after two years, we’ve had to give in to the inevitable with selected price rises we’re doing what we can to keep everything as affordable as ever.

Drinks and cakes will remain at the same pre-2012 prices.  No change there.

Pies are now priced from 75,000 vnd to 90,000 up from 65,000 vnd to 80,000 vnd.

The sandwiches on the menu will go up from 65,000 to 75,000.

There will be further rises on food ordered via and Vietnammm.  Unlike many other places, to-date we’ve swallowed the 10% charge that they levy on all deliveries.  However from now, online prices via these services will increase slightly to help cover this.

For the best value and to ensure you’re made aware of daily specials it’s best to ring us direct to arrange lunchtime deliveries.


By The Cart