New summer menu & prices below from May 1, 2015.

  • Within 3km of The Cart in Nghi Tam Village –  free delivery  – minimum order 100,000 VND
  • From 3km to 5km of The Cart in Nghi Tam Village – minimum order 100,000VND with a 20,000 VND delivery fee.
  • Over 5km of The Cart in Nghi Tam Village – minimum order is 200,000 VND with a 20,000 VND delivery free.

Call us on:

(04) 37186967 

If you would like us to cater for larger meetings or events then the more notice you give us the better the service we can provide.

Ordinarily we aim to deliver within 45 minutes.

Please ask us about our specials when you call – regular and seasonal specials include soup (in winter) and salads (in summer).


Homemade jam & butter with a crusty baguette 60,000VND

Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt & honey 60,000VND

Toasted baguette with soft cheese, sliced tomato & ground black pepper 80,000VND

E.L.T baguette: 2 eggs, lettuce, tomato & sweet chilli jam 80,000VND

B.L.T baguette: bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise 85,000VND

Old School Bacon Baguette: back bacon, butter with mustard or ketchup 85,000VND

Veggie Breakfast Baguette: cheese & mushroom omelette 85,000VND

Muesli Bowl: muesli, mango, banana, yoghurt & milk  70,000VND


No1 Ly Quoc Su Street: Chicken liver pate with picked cucumber, carrot & lettuce 85,000VND

No2 Cha Ca Street: Potato & dill frittata with tuna spread 85,000VND

No3 Ba Trieu Street: Roasted eggplant with zucchini, capsicum & coriander pesto 85,000VND

No4 Hang Bong Street: Roast Pork with celery, apple & mayonnaise 85,000VND

No5 Nguyen Du Street: Home-made meatloaf with coleslaw & spicy black bean spread 85,000VND

No6 Van Mieu Street: Crumbed chicken breast, sliced tomato, lettuce & lemon mayonnaise 85,000VND

No7 Tho Xuong Street: BLT – Bacon, lettuce & tomato with mayonnaise 85,000VND

No8 Au Trieu Street: Cheddar cheese, egg, grated carrot, radish, tomato, cucumber & lettuce 85,000VND

No9 Falafel Wrap: Cucumber, tomato, lettuce & yoghurt sauce 85,000VND

No10 Meatball sandwich: with  fresh tomato sauce & salad 85,000VND

No11 Ham & cheese sandwich: with mustard mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce, pickle 85,000VND


Meat (chunky pork) & potato pie 85,000VND

Chicken & mushroom pie 90,000VND

Steak, ale & mushroom pie 95,000VND

Cornish pasty: minced pork, carrot, potato & onion 90,000VND 

Cheddar cheese, onion & potato pasty 90,000VND

Add ons

Mash potato 20,000VND

Cheese 20,000VND

Bacon 20,000VND

Egg 15,000VND


Deli pasta salad with salami 95,000VND

Spicy chicken with mango & avocado salad 90,000VND

Potato salad with curried mayo (V) 75,000VND

Nicoise salad 85,000VND


Freshly baked muffin 20,000VND

White chocolate cookies 20,000VND

Chocolate zucchini bread 25,000VND

Carrot & cinnamon cake 25,000VND

No bake chocolate cake 35,000VND

Healthy Juice

Body Cleanser (apple,carrot, ginger) 55,000VND

The main benefits of this juice include revitalisation of the body, good for colds and glowing skin.

Cholesterol Buster (apple, cucumber, celery) 55,000VND

As the name suggests – helps reduce cholesterol

Cucumber Smoother (carrot, celery, pineapple, cucumber) 55,000VND

Helps to prevent as well as cure sore throats, tonsillitis, laryngitis, and sinusitis

Oriental Magic (pineapple, ginger, coriander) 55,000VND

This is super rich in vitamin C, rich in potassium. Full of healing and stimulating enzymes.

Mint Cooler (mint, lime, honey) 55,000VND

This juice has a healing affect on the entire digestive system, calming to the central nervous system. The lime’s natural pigment, known as limonene, protects against cancer.

Sugar Fighter (pear, banana) 55,000VND

Pear is good for ulcers, coughs, and fever alleviation. Banana contains a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin.

Super Skin (orange, cucumber, ginger) 55,000VND

Improves skin texture and moisture content in the skin. It is also a body heat reducing drink.

Vitamin Juice (watermelon, honey, milk) 55,000VND

This is an extremely healthy drink with loads and loads of vitamin content. Other than Vitamin C it also has Vitamin B2. It increases cell activity and strengthens body immunity.

The Wild Thing (apple, pineapple, watermelon) 55,000VND

A wonderful mouth watering juice which is excellent for your kidneys and bladder. It also helps expel excess salt from your body.

Zinger Juice (banana, orange, pineapple) 55,000VND

This juice helps remove some of the unwanted bacteria from the digestive tract and encourages growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria.


Banana 45,000VND

Lemon 45,000VND

Tomato 45,000VND

Carrot 45,000VND

Watermelon 45,000VND

Pineapple 45,000VND

Mango  45,000VND

Orange 45,000VND

Lassi (yoghurt and fruit)

Banana 50,000VND

Mango 50,000VND

Pineapple 50,000VND

Lemon 50,000VND

Orange 50,000 VND

Honey and Mint 50,000VND

Coffee & hot drinks

Espresso 45,000VND                   Double: 70,000VND

Americano 50,000VND               Double: 80,000VND

Macchiato 45,000VND                Double: 70,000VND

Espresso with a dash of milk foam. 

Latte 50,000VND                         Double: 80,000VND

Creamy milk and soft foam mixed with a delicate Espresso

Cappuccino 50,000VND              Double: 80,000VND    

Espresso with a creamy milk foam topped with cacao powder

Hot chocolate 50,000VND


Green/Black 20,000VND

English Breakfast/ Earl Grey 30,000VND

Fresh mint tea  30,000VND

Jasmine with ginger, lemon & honey 30,000VND

Soft Drinks

Coke/Diet Coke 20,000VND

Fanta, Sprite or Soda 20,000VND

Water 10,000VND

* NOTE: Prices do not include VAT. If you would like a VAT receipt we will add 10% to prices quoted here.