Make TikTok-inspired healthy Proffee (Protein Coffee) in just 4 easy steps

Proffee (Protein Coffee) healthy recipe. Pic Credit: Pinterest

If you are someone who loves to keep up with the latest trends and fads, you must have heard about the famous Proffee trend on TikTok. With so much hype generated around protein coffee, you must be intrigued to know, and at least try it once.

If you are searching for the perfect recipe to make a delicious recipe, you can do so, but with a healthy twist! With just a few minutes needed to whip up this tasty proffee, this is the perfect go-to drink for all the hustlers and bustlers racing against time.

You just need your favorite coffee flavour, protein powder and a few other ingredients to make a delicious and healthy coffee. But before we delve into the recipe, let’s know what exactly proffee means.

What is proffee?

Proffee or Protein Coffee is a drink that has been mixed with protein powder or a protein shake, typically served over ice, and occasionally with the addition of flavoring syrups. Anyone looking to increase their protein consumption or aid post-workout muscle repair should try this tasty beverage.

To make a proffee, you can go with your favorite coffee, be it espresso, cold brew, french press or even drip coffee. As for the protein, it is suggested to look for powders that have fewer ingredients and processing.

How to make healthy proffee?


  • Cold brew coffee – 1 cup
  • Vanilla, chocolate, caramel protein shake – 1 cup
  • Ice – 1/2 cup


  • Take a big glass and add some ice
  • Pour some cold-brew coffee over the ice
  • Add protein shake to ice and coffee
  • Stir until the ingredients are well blended.

Is protein coffee healthy?

Since coffee includes antioxidants, which help defend your body’s cells against free radicals and damage, as well as B vitamins, potassium, and riboflavin, it is considered healthy when eaten in moderation. Additionally, caffeine can increase your stamina while working out and aid in alertness and attention when you need to study. Just be careful not to consume too much caffeine since this can have some detrimental effects on your health.

Added protein can be a fantastic supplement if you’re having trouble getting all the protein you need or if you want to grow muscle. By keeping you satiated longer, eating protein with breakfast can help you avoid mid-morning snacking and may even aid in weight loss.

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