Kwik Trip meal ideas from roast chicken dinner to cheese curds snack

Kwik Trip is a Wisconsin institution.

Founded in 1965 in Eau Claire, it’s headquartered in La Crosse, and, from wedding photos to recurring references by Wisconsin comedian Charlie Berens, it has secured its place in Wisconsinites’ hearts.

I am on board with Kwik Trip love. I stop there often for morning coffee — and am psyched to be enjoying its annual pumpkin spice brew yet again.

When my daughters were younger, it was regular after-school excursion; they would choose a drink and a snack, and we would relax in the café area as they told me about their day. And this past Mother’s Day, when my sister and I told my mom we wanted to take her out for breakfast, she instead requested that we just stop at Kwik Trip for coffee to bring back to her front porch while we sipped and chatted.

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