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The Victoria County Public Health Department Environmental Health Division inspects places where food is served in Victoria, DeWitt, Jackson and Calhoun counties.

In the inspection reports, each violation in the Priority items 1-20 is 3 demerits; Priority Foundation items 21-33 are 2 demerits; and Core items are 1 demerit. Zero is a perfect score, while 100 demerits is the worst possible score.

Each Wednesday, the Advocate publishes inspection results from the previous week. All demerits are reported, but only those Priority and Core items are detailed.


Cracker Barrel C Store, 112 Sam Houston Drive, Victoria. Demerits: 28. Walk in not holding 41 degrees. May not use perishable foods, stored overnight. Ice bags need proper labeling. Needs an employee health and personal hygiene book. Needs a body fluids kit. Everyone else food handlers. Needs to have a cooler for dairy products. Date label deli sandwiches with a use by date. Needs sanitizer test strips. Keep hand sink open. Store ice scoop on clean surface. Clean ice machine. Do not store mop bucket inside the three-compartment sink. Restroom needs a covered trash can and some attention.

Aimee’s Bluebird CafĂ©, 1000 S. Esplanade, Cuero. Demerits:18. Food needs to be separated in walk in cooler. 0ppm sanitizer at the mechanical dishwasher. Needs employee health and personal hygiene book. Leak at the hand sink but was corrected on site. Needs certified food manager at all hours of operation; Needs certified food handlers. Needs sanitizer test strips.

Tokyo Grill & Sushi Bar, 5006 N. Navarro St., Victoria. Demerits: 17. Need time documentation. Cover foods. Clean corn starch container. Date label items in coolers. Need soap and paper towels at hand sinks in sushi area. Clean ice machine. Rate droppings. Store food items 6 inches off the floor. Replace ceiling tile in dry storage.

China B, 3611 N. Navarro St., Victoria. Demerits: 13. Date label items in cooler. Employees must wash their hands properly. Cover foods in coolers. Blocked hand sink. Do not use cardboard. Rat droppings in dry storage.

Don Julio’s Mexican Restaurant, 227 W. Main St., Port Lavaca. Demerits: 13. Cover food in cooler. Store sanitizer bucket 6 inches off floor. Date label. Incorrect test strips for mechanical dish washer. Need hairnet/ball cap. Unapproved thawing. Need scoop with handles.

The City Restaurant, 1204 E. San Antonio St., Victoria. Demerits: 11. Cover foods in coolers, use food approved bags to store tortillas. Employees must properly wash hands. Date label foods in coolers. Need paper towels and hand soap at hand sinks. Need covered trash can in women’s restroom.

7-Eleven No. 36525 H, 5684 US 77 S., Victoria. Demerits: 10. Glass cooler not holding 41 degrees. Out-of-date product. Need current water sample. Store product off the floor. Replace missing ceiling tiles.

Chavana’s Grocery & Market, 517 N. Benavides St., Port Lavaca. Demerits: 8. Expired can food. Need body fluid kit. Expired permit. Rodent droppings

Omar’s Bar 1404 Broadway St., Port Lavaca. Demerits: 7. Knob needed to turn on cold water. Cold water not available. Do not store dishes in hand wash sink.

Handy Stop Grocery, 425 E. Morris St., Yoakum. Demerits: 7. Expired medication. Store raw meat below ready to eat foods. Product on the floor

Agave Jalisco, 951 W. Main St., Yorktown. Demerits: 7. Shell eggs need to be kept 45 degrees or lower. Hand sink is leaking water. Environmental contaminations with boxes on the floor.

Castro’s Cafe Restaurant, 3494 SW Moody St., Victoria. Demerits:6. Hot water needs to be at minimum 120 degrees. Date label foods. Wear hair restraints in kitchen

Church’s Fried Chicken No. 1303, 4305 Ben Jordan St. Victoria. Demerits: 6. Date label prepared foods. Need test strips. Must wear ball cap or hairnet. Repair/replace floor tiles.

Sonic No. 1756, 1110 N. Esplanade, Cuero. Demerits: 5. Do not wash hands at 3-compartment sink. Evidence of insects. Employees need ball cap/hairnet in food prep area. Restock first-aid kit.

Beijing Garden, 113 S. Main St., Victoria. Demerits: 4. Need certified food manager. Do not use cardboard on the floor

5D Steakhouse, 2683 W. Adams Ave., Port O’Connor. Demerits: 3. Flies. Need ballcap or hairnet in food prep area.

Dodge City Saloon, 205-H North Star Drive, Victoria. Demerits: 3. Table top not holding 41 degrees.

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, 8702 N. Navarro St., Victoria. Demerits: 3. Store mop bucket away from any paper goods. Clean handle to walk in cooler. Replace weather strip to back door.

Roll and Coffee, 7800 N. Navarro Ste. 161, Victoria. Demerits: 3. Employee health and hygiene book needed at establishment

Tex-Mex Up In Smoke, Mobile Unit, Victoria. Demerits: 3. Three-compartment sink reaching 100 degrees, must reach 110 degrees.

The “Other” Store No. 2, 1409 NE Water St., Victoria. Demerits: 3. Date/use by label on Deli Express products. Replace broken floor tiles.

Little Caesar’s No. 4, 1301 E. Rio Grande St., Victoria; H & H Cafe & Bakery, 719 Lott St., Yoakum; Demerits: 2

Yoli’s Chill-N-Grill, 26 Market St., Bloomington; Bebotyboo, dba Andy’s Quick Stop, 312 W. Heaton St., Cuero; boosted coffee, Mobile Unit, Cuero; Cuero Nutrition, 1139 N. Esplanade, Cuero; Cuero Pecan House, 104 WS Railroad St., Cuero; La Flor De Guanajuato, 1145 N. Esplanade, Cuero; Pizza Hut, No. 39155, 1010 N. Esplanade, Cuero; Smolik’s, 523 S. Esplanade, Cuero; boosted coffee, Mobile Unit, Edna; Stay Smokin’ BBQ & Catering, 302 W. Houston Highway, Edna; boosted coffee, Mobile Uni, Ganado; Meyersville Store, 2231 Meyersville Road, Meyersville; boosted coffee, Mobile Unit, Port Lavaca; The Gazebo Restaurant, 2100 N. SH 35 Bypass, Port Lavaca; Tortelleria La Estrella, 310 W. George St., Port Lavaca; POC Fishing Center, 1303 W. Water St., Port O’Connor; Andy’s Catering, 1408 SH. 95 S., Shiner; Andy’s Catering, Victoria; boosted coffee, Mobile Unit, Victoria; Jim’s Big Burger, 102 Glascow St., Victoria; La tejanita, 1309 Sam Houston Drive, Victoria; Outlaw Pass, 78 Tate Road, Victoria; Super Donuts, 7905 N. Navarro No. 212, Victoria; TNT Restaurant, 908 E. Rio Grande St., Victoria; Eddy Packing Co., 404 Airport Road, Yoakum; Demerits: 0


DeWitt County Jail, 208 E. Live Oak St., Cuero. Inspected on Sept. 26 with 2 demerits. Re-inspected Oct. 17 with all violations corrected.

El Charrito Express, No. 2, 623 Broadway St. Port Lavaca. Inspected Sept. 21 with 15 demerits. Re-inspected Sept. 22, most violations corrected. Re-inspected Oct. 19, permit suspended.

Michelados Y Fruteria Los Charritos, 618 Broadway St. Port Lavaca. inspected Sept. 21 with 24 demerits. Re-inspected Sept. 22 with most violations corrected.. Re-inspected Oct. 19, corrected.


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